How to Block a Website in Google Chrome

You may want to block a website or websites on Google Chrome for different reasons. Many websites certainly distract from work. Many websites can distract people from their work and many are not suitable for children.

Google Chrome blocks thousands of sites that are dangerous or contain viruses. However, it does not block websites by content or will not warn you if you spend too much time on social networks or entertainment sites.

In the article, you can find a free way to block a website in Google Chrome with its options. However, it has serious disadvantages.

How to Block a Website with Software

If you want to block websites securely and easily, let us introduce to you, monitoring and blocking software - HT Employee Monitor for business and HT Parental Controls for home.

Learn about HT Employee Monitor or Learn about HT Parental Controls

  1. Download and install the software on your computer (s).
    Download HT Employee Monitor
    Download HT Parental Controls
  2. Open the software.
  3. Click Website Blocking.
  4. Click the Add button near the Banned Websites list.
  5. Enter a website address or a keyword you want to block.
  6. Click Apply.

website blocking

Try this easy way to block websites and check its effectiveness.

block websites chrome download

How to Block a Website with Google Chrome Options

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Click the Wrench symbol in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Show advanced settings at the bottom.

Google Chrome Options
  1. Choose the Change Proxy Settings button.
  2. On the Security tab, click Restricted Sites and then click on Site.

Google Chrome Restricted Sites

  1. Enter an URL of the unwanted website, for example,, and click the Add button. Learn how to block Youtube
  2. Close the window.

block website Google Chrome

Unfortunately, this way of blocking websites has disadvantages.

Disadvantages of blocking websites with Google Chrome options

1.Impossible to block groups of websites or block websites by category

For example, if you want to protect your children from adult content, you need to enter the URLs of thousands of adult websites. Moreover, this will be useless in a month because a thousand new websites will have entered the Internet. In such cases, the most reasonable solution is to block websites by category. Unfortunately, Google Chrome does not provide such opportunity.

2. Google Chrome blocking is easy to bypass

Launching another browser or using an online anonymizer is enough to visit a banned website. In addition, the ban can be easily removed, for example, in the same way it was set. Other methods of bypassing bans can be easily found on the Internet.

3. Not universal

Naturally, blocking websites on Google Chrome is not valid for other browsers. This may be true even for other user accounts. For example, if you blocked a website in Google Chrome under your computer account, it can be opened under a different account.

4. It can block just a website main page

Unfortunately, it's true. If you banned, a user can easily get for example. Entering into Google Chrome all pages of an unwanted website just can’t be done.

HT Employee Monitor and HT Parental Controls are free from these disadvantages and have many other features that you can find useful. They allow you to:

  • Block websites by URLS and keywords
  • Block categories of websites
    Social networks, chats, games, etc.
  • Block all websites except whitelisted
  • Block applications
    Instant messengers, games, etc.
  • Monitor user activities
    Visited websites, launched applications, screenshots, etc.
  • Receive email reports with log
  • Manage computer remotely
    Set up the filters or view logs from any computer on the same network

We suggest you take advantage of our free trial period. Try blocking a website with Google Chrome options and then with our software during the 15 day free trial.

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