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Website Blocking

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Application Blocking

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General Questions



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Website Blocking

How can I control my child's Internet usage and protect him from bad content with your soft?

Child Control provides you many ways to filter Internet content and protect your children from offensive websites. It allows you to block categories of websites - adult content, online shopping sites, sites that contain violence or information about drags, etc, block specify websites, websites by keywords or block all websites except allowed. If a search query contains keyword from forbidden categories, the program will block the search result as well. With HT Child Control you can provide your children with safe Internet.

Open the Website Blocking tab and select checkboxes with unwanted categories of websites.

block website categories

How can I block the Facabook website?

To block Facebook and any website you want to ban, please do the following:

  1. Click Website Blocking.
  2. Click the Add button near the Banned Websites list.
  3. Enter Facebook. You can add also any website or keyword you want to block, for example, or ebay.
  4. Save Changes.

block websites

How can I block all Internet access accept to a few sites?

To block all websites except specified:

  1. Click Website Blocking.
  2. Click the Add button near the Allowed Websites list.
  3. Enter an URL or a keyword, then click OK.
  4. Enter all website you want to be allowed.
  5. Check the Only allow the websites listed above checkbox.
  6. Click Apply.

block all websites except allowed

Application Blocking

How do I block Facebook Messenger and other applications?

With HT Child Control you can block any applications on your computer. To block specify apps games, players, IM including Facebook Messenger, do the following:

  1. Click Application Filter.
  2. Click the Add button, and then select the program you want to ban. If you can’t find the program in the list, click Browse to find out the location of the application’s exe files on your computer.
  3. Save changes.

block applications

How can I block Skype with HT Child Control?

To block Skype, do the following:

  1. Open Applications blocking tab.
  2. Select the Skype checkbox.
  3. Click Apply.

block skype

Can it restrict access to Regedit?

HT Child Control can restrict access to Important Windows Options like Task Manager, Control Panel, etc. It helps you to protect your computer from inexperience users. You can block these options on the Windows Security tab of the program.

  1. Click Windows Security.
  2. Check the checkboxes with the names of the Windows options.
  3. Click Apply.

disable regedit

We recommend restricting these Windows options to avoid the program bypassing. If you need access them, you can Stop the program and access them, when Start the program again.

General Questions

What browsers does the program support?

HT Child Control supports the following browsers - Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari.

Can I control a user with administrator rights?

Yes, all the Child Control filters can be applied to every user on the computer, even to users with administrator rights.

Can I set up different permissions for different users with HT Child Control?

Yes, the program has the User Accounts settings, that allows you to turn on or turn off different filters for different users on one computer. To apply filters for certain users:

  1. Configuring the program filters.
  2. Open the User Accounts tab and check/uncheck the checkboxes with filter names.

user acoounts

Is it possible to protect under multiple languages?

Yes, our Website Filter supports English, German, Spanish, and Russian.

I have forgotten how to access the software.

Please use Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Z to open the program or press Windows key + R and type in the appeared Run dialog the word PARENT.

how to access the program


How do I set us an access password?

The access password is very important for protecting the program from bypassing. To set up it go to Settings-> General Settings and click the Set Password button. Enter your password in the appeared window and confirm it. Click Apply to save the changes.

set password

Can I change the access hotkeys?

The program allows you to set the customizable access hotkeyst. To change the hotkeys go to Settings->General Settings. In the Access Hotkeys field press your combination. Click Apply to save the changes.

chage hotkeys

How do I uninstall HT Child Control?

The program uninstallation is protected from unauthorized users. To uninstall Child Control from your computer, open the program and on the File menu click Uninstall.


I forgot my password. How can I get it back?

Please contact us and we will send you the new password.

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