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Let us introduce a unique in terms of functionality and cost professional employee tracking software to monitor and manage your employees' PC activities, HT Employee Monitor. Multi functionality of the program covers most of the tasks to ensure the best monitoring of staff performance.

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Our employee tracking software can record all PC activities - visited websites, launched applications, search queries, computer time and screenshots as well as block any non work related activity specified by you.

Our Users Says

Thanks for the software. It repeatedly saved our business from leaks and theft of commercial information and really helps improve discipline. The app is invisible for users, very fast and does not slow the computers. The program is indispensable for business. - Clarice D.

Managers and business owners often suffer from dishonest employees. Employee tracking software has become a necessity. I want to thank your team for quite unique in terms of price-quality program. - Jack M.

I am very happy with your product! Now I can control actions of employees, monitor how efficiently they use working hours. Thank U! - Kumar A.

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Benefits of Using Employee Tracking Software

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Monitor and Manage

See each employee's computer activity like the palm of your hand. All data is continuously recoded and provided in a convenient intuitive form.

Improve Productivity

Install HT Employee Monitor to block or limit all non-work related activities on your workstations.

Reduce Losses

Employee tracking software is a powerful tool for taking control over unscrupulous employees. Maximize productivity and achieve results.

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Track all Activities

The software automatically tracks all computer activities and provides you with detailed local or remote reports, so you can see when your employees start and finish work, how much time work, which sites and apps visit, how often they are distracted from work and much more.

Advanced Filters

You can not only see what sites or apps employees visited, but also block access to inappropriate ones. This is especially useful, if some employee spend too much time on non-work related sites and programs. You can block access to social networks, entertainment sites, and chats, so your staff cannot waste the time you pay them for.

Invisibly Works in the Background

HT Employee Monitor starts automatically tracking all computer activity immediately after the installation. You do not need even make any settings. The software does not show itself silently working in the background invisible to users.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Opportunity to view reports and manage filter remotely from the monitored computers makes employee tracking easier and faster. One more option helps you monitor your computers when you are far from office. Emails with reports will help you control your staff from anywhere in the world.

Easy, Intuitive Tracking

You get not only a long list of sites and applications, but visual charts. Thus you can immediately evaluate how much time an employee spent working for the business, and how much for personal. The software has intuitive interface and does not require any knowledge to install and use.

Improve Productivity

Employee tracking will help you understand where the time goes and determine loss of working time. With employee tracking software, you can find out what causes reduce productivity and fight with them blocking or limiting time wasters.

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