How to Disable Internet Explorer

There are many reasons why people ask how to disable Internet Explorer. Often when working with clients especially in POS environments, they want to disable Internet Explorer from the computers or POS terminals. For employers, disabling Internet Explorer is the way to increase productivity and to protect computers from cyber attacks. This article will show you how to disable Internet Explorer and evade problems connected with it. Disabling Internet Explorer by using a proxy server is free but unreliable. Another way is to use special software such us System Administrator, that allows you to block Internet Explorer more effective and has many additional features.

How to Disable Internet Explorer Using a Proxy Server

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Click Add or Remove Programs.

  3. control panel - uninstall programs

  4. Click on the Set program access and defaults tab.

  5. turn off windows features

  6. Uncheck the Internet Explorer checkbox.

  7. turn off internet explorer

  8. Confirm your changes.

  9. confirm

How to Disable Internet Explorer Using HT System Administrator

  1. Download and install HT System Administrator.
  2. Click the Application Blocking button.

  3. HSA application blocking

  4. Select the Internet Explorer checkbox.
  5. Click Apply.

  6. disable internet explorer

Although the there are free methods of disabling Internet Explorer, HT System Administrator offers many facilities to control and manage your computer. The program is easy to set up and hard to bypass. HT System Administrator allows you to effectively restrict user computer activities and internet usage.

What you can do with HT System Administrator:

Try a 15-day free trial version to check all program features.

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