How HT Facebook Blocker Can Help You Excel

Encourage productivity is easier than you think. Overcome distractions and time-wasters and use your time more efficiently with HT Facebook Blocker.

  • Block or limit time-wasters such as social networks and games
  • Limit entertainments and schedule time for rest
  • Identify and eliminate inefficient habits
  • Correct restrictions according to the collected data to become even more effective

Try HT Facebook Blocker and wonder how impressive you can be!

1. Download and Install HT Facebook Blocker

The process of installation is simple. After installation, HT Facebook Blocker works in the background starting with Windows and follows your preferences.

HT Facebook Blocker Installation

2. Block Time-Wasting Websites

Block most time-wasting websites such as social networks, news, video, etc. Do not forget to block inappropriate content - adult websites and other sites from the proposed categories.

  1. Click Website Blocking.
  2. Select the predefined categories to block or add your websites to the Blacklist.
  3. Click Apply.
Website Blocking FB

3. Limit Time-Wasting Websites

Limit time on non-work-related websites or schedule your leisure. For example, you can limit time on Twitter to 30 minutes per day or allow it only during lunch break.

  1. Click Website Limiting.
  2. Add websites you want to limit time on.
  3. Specify Maximum Time Allowed per day for limited websites.
  4. Set when you can visit the limited websites with the Schedule.
Website Limiting FB

5. Block or Limit Time-Wasting Applications

With HT Facebook Blocker, you can block or limit any installed and even not installed applications. Block or limit games, messengers, video players, etc. to encourage productivity.

  1. Click Application Blocking.
  2. Add applications to the list.
  3. Choose Block or Limit for each application.
  4. Set Maximum Time Allowed or Schedule if needed.
Application Blocking FB

6. Track Time You Spend on Websites and Applications

The program shows you detailed reports so you can see how much time you spent on each website and application. Learn how you spend your days and where you waste time using the reports.

  1. Open HT Facebook Blocker.
  2. Click Applications or Websites under Reports.
  3. Choose date ranges for more complete analysis.
Application Logs FB

7. Adjust Restrictions for Even Better Results

Having all data about the time spent on your computer, you can see where you waste time and correct the filters.

  1. Open HT Facebook Blocker.
  2. See Reports.
  3. Block time-wasters directly from reports.
Block from Logs FB

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