How to Block Skype

If you are a system administrator or worried parent looking for ways to block Skype and other messengers on the computer, let us show you how to make it easily and reliably with a few clicks. The best way is to use special software such as HT System Administrator that allows you to effectively block Skype, any other messengers, games, and sites and has many advantages.

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How to block Skype using HT System Administrator

  1. Download and install HT System Administrator.
  2. Click Rules > App Blocking.
  3. Click Skype and select Block.
  4. Add other apps you want to block or set time limits to the list.

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HT System Administrator prevents Skype and other blocked apps from running on your computer. The app blocks their execution on computers and workstations. All you need is to specify that Skype should be blocked. At the same time, you have the option to ban it for certain users and allow it for others on Settings > User Settings.

Attempts to reinstall Skype, rename its files, or change folders will not help your users run the program.

Why Block Skype?

Skype can have either a positive or a negative effect on the level of security.

Firstly, you do not have the ability to control content. This means that viruses can sneak into the corporate network and have access to confidential information.

Secondly, voice and video calls cannot be recorded. Even if you keep call log, Skype is unusable for organizations that require that these be recorded.

Organizations should decide whether the benefits of using Skype override these drawbacks. In some cases, the application should be allowed only for certain employees.

HT System Administrator will help you to block Skype. It combines effective blocking features and can restrict any user’s activity. It allows you to:

  • Block Skype and other applications
    Block chats, messengers, browsers, games, and so on
  • Block social networks in the most popular browsers
    Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Brave, etc.
  • Block specific websites by URL or by keywords
  • Block websites by categories
    Adult Content, Gambling, Violence, Alcohol, Drugs, etc.
  • Block Windows options
    Task Manager, Control Panel, etc.
  • Monitor important user activities
    Visited websites, launched applications, computer time

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The software is compatible with all versions of Windows - Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, etc. and supports all popular browsers.

HT System Administrator allows you to block Skype and any other unwanted computer activities in just a few clicks.