How To Use HT Task Vector–A Quick Start Guide

Learn how to stop wasting time and increases your productivity in just a few minutes

  1. Download and install the HT Task Vector app on your or your team’s computers with Windows OS.
  2. Create an account, or log in if you already have it.
  3. Go to your online dashboard —
Note! The sequence of the following actions doesn’t matter.

HT Task Vector controls and records activities immediately upon installation. It runs automatically on a computer startup working silently in the background. The program does not block any activity by default; therefore, you need to customize blocking according to your preferences.

HT Task Vector lets limit distracting sites and apps for set amounts of time and schedules such activities with "blocked" and "allowed" periods. With the Time Management, you will have only a certain time to surf distracting websites that cannot but positively affect your work or study.

  1. Click Time Management.
  2. Add time-wasting sites and apps to the lists.
    Each item can have three statuses—"Limit", "Block", "Allow" that you can change if necessary.
  3. Set time restrictions on per hour, day, or per week basis.
  4. Configure the Schedule, if needed.
Note! The time limit is shared among all the listed websites/apps.
Important! HT Task Vector can identify only the apps that it has already tracked after their run. If you cannot find the app to block/limit in the list, you need to launch it on the managed computer, and then it will appear in the list.

Some content can be inappropriate in the workplace. With HT Task Vector, you can completely restrict access to website categories if you want to block all sites with similar content. We have prepared for you 12 website categories that contain thousands of sites on different topics.

  1. Go to Website Blocking on the dashboard.
  2. Choose the pre-defined categories you wish to block.
Note! HT Task Vector blocks sites across multiple browsers and works even in a private browsing mode.

With HT Task Vector, you can block specific websites and keywords (i.e.,, news, anime). In the Alerts report, you can see which websites were blocked by HT Task Vector.

  1. Go to Website Blocking.
  2. Add URLs and keywords you want to block to the Blacklist.
  3. Add as many URLs or keywords as you wish.
Note! Our software completely blocks blacklisted sites and keywords across Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox, Opera, and Brave.

One more option of HT Task Vector is to block any website that is not in your Whitelist. In this way, you or your team can access only approved sites to stay focused on something important, like work or exam preparation.

  1. Go to Website Blocking.
  2. Add allowed websites to the Whitelist.
  3. Select the Allow only white-listed websites option.

Not all users can be happy with your rules for computer use. HT Task Vector has strong built-in protections again bypassing, but we also offer additional ones that can stop even the most serious offender.

  1. Click Enhanced Security on the dashboard.
  2. Select all the checkboxes and click Apply.

With HT Task Vector, you’re able to look at how much time you spend each day on every visited website or running app so that you can find your strengths and weaknesses and determine where you waste your time.

  1. Click the reports you want to see on the dashboard.
  2. Select date ranges for the report.

See alerts for all blocked events. HT Task Vector flags any attempt to access banned/restricted sites and apps along with the reason why it was blocked.

To review blocked activities, click Alerts in the Reports category.
Note! If there blocked some web page or app you do not want to block, you can see the reason in the Alert sections and then change your settings.

By default, HT Task Vector tracks and manages all of the users on the computer. You can enable/disable every option, such as a filter or report, for individual users on the User Settings tab. In this way, you to define specific rules for some users, while other users can surf the Internet and use the computer without limitations.

Go to Settings > User Settings and customize the program options for your users.

The HT Task Vector app is compatible with Windows OS. It blocks sites across multiple browsers—Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox, Brave, and Opera.

You can access its online dashboard — from any device connected to the Internet. In this way, you can manage your computer(s) remotely from anywhere and anytime.

Have a question about using our app? Need assistance with configuration? Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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