HT Work Focus Getting Started

1. How to start with HT Work Focus

2. How to start remote management

3. How to access HT Work Focus

4. Operating system HT Work Focus supports

5. Browsers HT Work Focus supports

6. How to update HT Work Focus

7. How to uninstall HT Work Focus


How to Start with HT Work Focus

HT Work Focus has an intuitive interface and does not require any knowledge to install and use.

Install HT Work Focus on the computer(s) you want to monitor—on your employee’s computer. The app begins automatically tracking all computer activity immediately upon installation. The software is invisible to users as it works silently in the background.

Configure the website and application filters if needed. Learn more

For remote control, enable the Remote Management option and install HT Remote Manager on your admin computer. It allows you to view logs and configure the filters from your remote computer making employee tracking easier and faster. Learn more

If you wish to receive email reports with logs, specify your email address, and other options on the Email Reporting tab.

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How to Start Remote Management

You can have remote access to all the program settings and logs with the Remote Management feature.

Note! For remote access, your admin computer and the monitored computer(s) have to be on the same network.


Install HT Work Focus

Install HT Work Focus on the computer(s) you want to manage.


Enable Remote Management

Go to the Remote Management tab and turn on the feature. Learn more


Use HT Remote Manager

Open HT Remote Manager on your admin computer and click Find Computers.

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How to Access HT Work Focus

You can open HT Work Focus in a few ways:

  1. The first way is to use the keyboard shortcuts - Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Z.
  2. The second way, press the Windows key + R and enter the word monitor into the Run Dialog.
  3. Open the HT Work Focus installation folder C:\Program Files (x86)\HEM and double-click wmime.exe.

How to run HT Work Focus

Note! The keyboard shortcuts work only if the software is working in the background.

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Operating System HT Work Focus Supports

HT Work Focus is compatible with all versions of Windows 11, Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, 2003. The software is designed for Windows only and does not support Mac OS, Android, and iPhone.

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Browsers HT Work Focus Supports

HT Work Focus supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Brave. The program is continuously updated, so it supports the latest versions of the browsers.

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How to Update HT Work Focus

HT Work Focus does not require constant updates. You need to update the program to get some new features, and in case it stops working with one of a browser.

To update, download the latest version from here and install it to the same folder. After installation, make sure that you use the newest version, click the menu Help > About to find out your version of the program.

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How to Uninstall HT Work Focus

The program uninstallation is protected from unauthorized users. The program is not displayed on the Uninstall a program menu.

Open HT Work Focus and, on the File menu, click Uninstall.

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