Troubleshooting - HT Work Focus FAQ

1. How to reset or change the HT Work Focus password

2. The program does not block a specified website(s)

3. I do not receive the email reports

4. I cannot access the remote console

5. How to prevent users from circumventing HT Work Focus

6. My antivirus says that HT Work Focus contains a threat

7. HT Work Focus no longer responds to the keyboard shortcuts


How to Reset or Change the HT Work Focus Password

You can log into HT Work Focus with a default password, and then change it.

If you use a registered version, enter to the login window your license key instead of your forgotten password.

If you use the trial version, enter to the login window the default password – trial2014 or trial2013 to access the software.

To change your password, tap the menu Options > Set Password

Set Password HT Work Focus

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The Program does not Block a Specified Website(s)

The most common reason is that the URL on your Banned list is not equal to the real website URL.

For example, to block Gmail, you need to add to the list and to log in, but not Since is not a real URL of this site.

The best way is to visit the website you want to block and copy-paste its URL to the list. You can also block the websites directly from the Visited Websites log, select the site and click the Block website button.

We recommend avoiding www, http, or https on the list since the real URLs can be without it.

Use real URLs HT Work Focus

The second reason could be if you use some old version of HT Work Focus that does not support the latest versions of browsers. Please update the program to make sure you use the latest official release.

Check the following settings that could interfere with blocking:

  1. Make sure that the program is active—you can see the green color and the text "HT Work Focus is active" on the dashboard.
  2. Tap General Settings and make sure that Run the program automatically is checked.
  3. Check the Computer Activity logs to make sure that the program was not bypassed and worked all the time when the computer was turned on.
  4. Check the Websites > History log. Find the website that was not blocked and check how it is displayed.

Need help, feel free to contact our support team.

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I Do Not Receive the Email Reports

There are two of most common reasons for this. The emails can get into spam, or a firewall blocks the program from accessing the Internet.

Open Email Reporting tab and click Send Test Report. Depending on the result, we have a few solutions.

First Case - You get a message about an error.

It meant that your firewall blocks HT Work Focus from accessing the Internet. You need to add the program to the list of exceptions of your firewalls.

Solution - Make sure that HT Work Focus has permission to access the Internet from all other firewalls/ant viruses you use on your PC. Learn how to add HT Work Focus to Windows Firewall Exceptions

Second Case - The test is successful, but you do not receive the email.

It means that your reports are in Spam/Junk, so please check your Spam box. Automatically generated emails often may be classified as spam.

Solution - Check your Spam box.

Third Case – You cannot find the email reports in the Spam folder.

Some email boxes filter emails on their entrance, so you even could even not receive your report in spam. Instead, you have such or similar emails that also can be in spam - Mail delivery failed: returning message to the sender.

Solution - Change your email address to another email box or add one more email address to receive the reports. To receive the email reports to a few emails, simply add other addresses separated by a comma.

Few email for reports HT Work Focus

If the problem persists, please do to hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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I Cannot Access a Remote Console of the Monitored Computer

Please check the following:

  1. The monitored computer is online.
  2. Your computer and monitored computer are on the same network.
  3. The name or IP address of the monitored computer was not changed. In case of dynamic IP addresses, we recommend using the computer name as an address to access the remote console.
  4. Your firewall does not block HT Work Focus on the monitored computer from accessing the Internet. That is the most common issue. See how to add the program to the Windows Firewall allowed list

If the problem persists, please do to hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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How to Prevent Users from Circumventing HT Work Focus

To protect the program from bypassing, for example, by changing the date and time on the device, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Set up an access password for HT Work Focus. You can do it using the menu Options > Set Password.
  2. Block access to important Windows options such as Task Manager, Control Panel, Date and Time change, etc. for monitored users.
    Open the Windows Security tab and select the checkboxes.

How to prevent users from circumventing HT Work Focus

Note! You can block access for certain users and allow for others. Go to the User Accounts tab to enable/disable the feature for different user accounts.

  1. Hide HT Work Focus. To hide the program, go to the General Settings and select Hide the program. That will delete all program icons.

Hide HT Work Focus

Note! To access the program if it is hidden, press the Windows key + R and enter the word monitor to the appeared Run dialog.

More Information

How to access HT Work Focus

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My Antivirus Says That HT Work Focus Contains a Threat

If you downloaded our software from our official website – or a trusted file downloader, it is absolutely safe. We developed every line of program code ourselves and guarantee that our software is free from any viruses, trojans, and poses no threat. That is a false positive threat.

Note! Do not install the software if you downloaded it from some unknown source.

Some antiviruses may mistakenly recognize threats in our software and block it since the program contains monitoring features and records computer activities, as well as trojans. It often happens with these kinds of programs.

That is why the manual check is so important for such kind of software. On the Softpedia, you can see the result of a manual program check "100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia".

To install the software, you need to pause your antivirus temporarily. Download and install the program. After it, you need to add it to the trusted list of your antivirus.

Please write to us what antivirus detected a threat in our software. We will contact the antivirus team and ask to fix it.

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HT Work Focus No Longer Responds to the keyboard shortcuts

It means that the program is not working in the background. In this case, run HT Work Focus with the access word monitor or from the installation folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\HEM by default.

After it, check your autorun settings on the General Setting tab and make sure that HT Work Focus is configured to run with Windows start. Please also check the Computer Activity log to find when the program worked and make sure that it was not bypassed.

If the problem persists, please do to hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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