HT Parental Controls contains a real-time Internet filter that scans all web content accessed by your child. Now you can control access to any website blocking any unwanted domains and pages. Simply add an URL to the Banned Websites list.

  1. Choose Website Blocking.
  2. Click Add near Banned Websites and enter the URL or keyword you want to block.
  3. Add all websites you want to block to the list.
  4. Click Apply.

Add website to blacklist

Note! The URL on the list must be equal to the real website URL. For example, is not a real URL, it redirects you to The simplest way is to visit the website and copy-paste its URL or block it from the reports.

With the Blacklist you can:

  • Block domains. For example,, etc.
  • Block sub-domain while allowing the main domain. For example, you can block while is allowed
  • Block certain pages of the website. For example, you can block and allow Facebook in general

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