Time Controls rules

Time Controls allows you to lock the computer preventing both online and offline device use. It blocks any activity that is against time controls rules. It can lock the device automatically in accordance with your schedule or when time limits per day/week are expired or with both time restrictions.

The user can restart the computer or log on to Windows again, but it does not turn off Time Controls. The user session will be locked.

You should find it fairly intuitive to use this feature. Follow the steps below if you need help.

  1. Go to Time Controls.
  2. To block computer access at a particular time, click-and-drag over green cells for that particular day and time. A red box indicates that computer use is permitted during that period, while a green box indicates that computer access is allowed.
  3. To block access for a particular time per day or week, specify PC Usage Limits.

Time Controls Rules HT Parental Controls

A 5-min (the option is configurable) notice shows up before the user account is locked. You can adjust your default settings based on your child's needs and extend the session. As all the filters, the Time Controls can be applied to all users or individual users only.

Note! To prevent time controls bypassing, block your child from changing date and time. You can quickly do it with the Windows Security filter. Choose Windows Security and check Do not allow user to change Date and Time.

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