Another option is to block all websites and allow only those sites you want your children to have access to. For example, in less than a minute, you can set the program to allow access to wikipedia.org or disnay.com and block all other sites. To block all websites except those whitelisted, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Website Blocking.
  2. Click the Add button near the Allowed Websites and enter the domain or URL you want to allow.
  3. Add all websites you want to the list.
  4. Select Only see websites on the allowed list.
  5. Click Apply.

Whitelist for Websites

Now, users can access only websites from your approved list. All other websites will be blocked.

Important! Sometimes our users experience difficulties with Allowed Websites. The fact is that URLs on the Allowed Websites list and real URLs that you want to allow must be equal. The best way is to visit the website you want to allow and copy-paste its URL to the list. We also do not recommend adding www of https on the list, since the real URLs can be without it.

For example, to allow Gmail, you need to add to the list mail.google.com and accounts.google.com to log in, but not gmail.com. Since gmail.com is not a real URL of this site.

As any other filters, the whitelist can be applied to all users or individual users only. Go to User Accounts and make sure that Website Blocking is checked or unchecked for the user.


You can use the Allowed Websites in two different modes depending on the Only see websites on the allowed list checkbox, as the whitelist if it's checked, and as the list of exceptions to allow websites that are blocked for some reasons.

That provides many options, for example:

  • you can block the keywords game and games and allow girlgames.com to play not cruelty games for girls
  • you can block shopping websites with Websites Categories and allow amazon.in/Toys-Games, so your child can choose a toy for him/her
  • you can allow the websites that you think are blocked mistakenly

To use the Allowed Websites as exceptions, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the Add button near the Allowed Websites and enter websites addresses that are blocked but you want to allow them.
  2. Add all websites you want to allow to the list.
  3. Make sure that Only see websites on the allowed list is unchecked.
  4. Click Apply.

How to stop website from blocking HT Parental Controls

Note! Make sure that the URLs on the list are equal to the real URLs. The best way to unblock the websites is to find it on the Websites reports (blocked websites are marked in red in the activity report), right-click on it and select Allow Website.

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