How to view the reports

As soon as HT Parental Controls is installed on your child’s computer, it will capture data and upload it to its control panel automatically.

You can view logs in a few ways:

  1. Locally on the monitored computer
  2. Get email reports with logs
  3. Remotely from any device on the same network

The Reports section of HT Parental Controls provides you with the activities performed by all users on the computer if you did not configure monitoring in another way. It helps you understand your child’s digital interests and restrict their unwanted computer activities.

  1. Open the HT Parental Controls dashboard.
  2. Choose one of the following activities:
    • Applications
    • Websites
    • Search Queries
    • Computer Activity
    • Screenshots

How to view reports - HT Parental Controls

The Chart tabs give you activities that your child performed for the last 7 days by default. Click the drop-down list to select another period.

You can block unwanted application or website directly from the reports

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