How to prevent children from circumventing HT Parental Controls

We understand how security is important and did our best to protect the software from circumventing and bypassing. The software can monitor and filter all accounts, so even if your child has administrator rights or create a new user account, it is not a problem. The program uninstallation is highly protected. HT Parental Controls cannot be uninstalled in a usual way from the Uninstall Program menu or by deleting its executable file.

The program icons are created only on the account you installed the program, so your children do not know that HT Parental Controls was installed. You can completely hide the application on the General Settings tab.

However, there are some security measures you can take to protect parental controls from your tech-savvy and smart child.

  1. Create an access password for HT Parental Controls. Click on the Options Menu and select Set Password.

Set Password HT Parental Controls

  1. Configure the Windows Security filter to block Task Manager, Time and Date changing and other Windows options and protects your restrictions.
    Note, use the User Account settings to turn on/off the filter for different accounts.

Windows Security Filter HT Parental Controls

  1. Hide the program. On the General Setting tab, select Hide the program.
    Note, to access HT Parental Controls use the keyboard shortcuts. Learn more

How to hide HT Parental Controls

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