The software does not block the website(s) I want to block

The most common reason is that the URL in your Banned list is not equal to the real website URL.

For example, to block Gmail, you need to add to the list and, but not Since is not a real URL of this site.

The best way to block a website is to visit the website you want to block and copy-paste its URL to the list or block them from the logs. How to block websites in the easiest way

We also do not recommend adding www of https in URLs, since the real URLs can be without it.

Do to block website troubleshooting HT Parental Controls

The second reason, you can use an old version of HT Parental Controls that does not support the latest versions of browsers.

Sometimes browsers change their algorithms vastly, and old version of HT Parental Controls cannot block websites in them. In this case, update your version. Learn how to update HT Parental Controls

Please write to us if the problem persists, we will be glad to deal with the issue.

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