Safe Search for Kids

Because of the vast amount of unacceptable content on the web, parents are looking for ways to block content that is unnecessary at best, and offensive in many cases. Parents, schools, and colleges can benefit from filtering results of searching. So how to provide safe search for kids and keep them safe on the Internet.

Safe search is particularly important for parents who want to block inappropriate content for their children. Filtering web content empowers parents to prohibit their children from accessing websites with content that is offensive, mature or otherwise conflicts with family values. In this article, we will show four ways how to make searching safe for your kids.

  1. By Using Parental Control Software
  2. By Using Google Options
  3. By Using Search Engines for Kids
  4. By Blocking all Websites Except Those Trusted


Safe Search with Parental Control Software

We want to offer you one of the best parental control software - HT Parental Controls. We designed it and can guarantee reliable results. The program is constantly updated taking into account parents’ requests, chops and changes of the Internet. Join our community of satisfied parents who use our software. Trust HT Parental Controls to make search safe and protect your child online.

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  1. Download and install HT Parental Controls on your child’s computer. Open the program and click Website Blocking.

main website blocking

  1. On the tab are different website categories, select the categories you want to be banned on the computer. Save changes before closing the program window.

filter websites by categories

A few mouse clicks will help you filter unwanted content in all browsers and search engines. The child cannot open sites related to restricted categories on search engine and websites. It filters search results and makes search safe for your kids.

Get a 15-day free version of the program and make sure that your child is in safe with HT Parental Controls.


Safe Search with Google Options

Filter search with the Google options. Google allows filtering search result, the feature is called "safesearch" and can be configured in the Google Settings.

How to Set up SafeSearch of Google

  1. Visit Note: You need to be signed before.
  2. Check "Filter explicit results" in the SafeSearch section.
  3. Save changes.

google safesearch

Safe search from Google is a very effective filter. However, you need to set up these settings across all user accounts. And even then, it can be easily bypassed.


Search Engines for Kids

One more way to provide safe search is to use special search engines for kids, with their primary focus being filtering adult content. Websites such as Safesearch Kids ( and others offer broad and practical search services with built-in content filters that produce kid-friendly digital environments.

search engines for kids

While having all these tools can help you to relieve a guardian’s anxiety about their child’s internet safety, often, these measures aren’t enough. Parents cannot depend on Google Safe search and and the fact that their children consistent use of kid-friendly search engines alone. There is no guarantee that a child will only use approved search engines to facilitate his/her internet activity when not supervised. Likewise, Google SafeSearch does not block online shopping websites or chats. To be assured that your child’s online activity is in safe and to provide safe search for them, it is necessary to use parental controls software.


How to Block All Websites Except Those Trusted

With HT Parental Controls you can block all websites and allow only whitelisted websites. Rather than checking the boxes in the "Banned Categories" section, simply add the websites you want to remain un-banned to the Allowed Websites field.

  1. Scroll over to the "Allowed Websites" field at the bottom right of Website Filter screen. Click the "Add" button.

allowed websites

  1. Type in or paste the URL of the website that you want to unban in the dialogue box which appears. Add all trusted websites.

add website

  1. When you have added all the websites that you want all users of the computer to be able to access, make sure to click the box "Allow only white-listed websites" immediately under the "Allowed Websites" field.

This box will activate the function to block all websites except those added to this list.

You can edit this field at any time by simply highlighting a particular entry in the "Allowed Websites" field by clicking on it and clicking the "Delete" button, continuing to add new allowed websites as before.

HT Parental Controls box

HT Parental Controls

As a parent, your right to establish an appropriate and helpful information environment in your house helps you to do the best job you can in raising your child. In today’s digital age, monitoring the access that each computer in your house has to certain web content is a key component of establishing that environment. HT Parental Controls is designed to help make exercising that right easier.

HT Parental Controls is computer software that enables you to keep your family’s online experience as safe as possible. Through blocking websites with inappropriate content and dangerous applications, you can make sure your children are completely protected while they’re using the computer. Trust HT Parental Controls to provide safe search for your kids.