Safe Search for Kids

Find how to provide safe search for your kids on the Internet independently from the type of search engine and browser — block unacceptable or offensive content on your kid’s computer from searching and accessing.

Safe Search with Parental Control Software

The best way to protect your child online is to use professional parental controls software such as HT Family Shield. With it, you can not worry which search engine or browser your kid uses.

  1. Download HT Family Shield and install it on the computer.
    Download HT Family Shield
  2. Create an account to access all the options remotely.
  3. Open your online dashboard in a browser on your parental device and log in.
  4. Click Rules > Website Limits and select Block for all website categories you believe are inappropriate for viewing.
After it, HT Family Shield will block all search queries and websites that are to belong to blocked categories.
Note! The program will block all inappropriate search queries in all search engines and all popular browsers.
For unsupported browsers, you need to turn on only one option — Rules > App Blocking > Unsupported Browsers > Block. Even if your child tries to bypass your rules with VPNs or private mode, it will not help.

The app is constantly updated, considering parents’ requests, chops, and changes on the Internet and browsers. Join our community of satisfied parents who use our software. Trust HT Family Shield to make search safe and guard your child online.

Block All Websites Except Those Trusted

With HT Family Shield, you can block all websites and allow only whitelisted websites. Rather than checking the boxes in the "Categories" section, simply add the websites you want to remain unbanned to Whitelist.

  1. Click Rules > Website Blocking.
  2. Add trusted sites to Whitelist.
  3. Select the Allow only whitelisted websites checkbox.

Search Engines for Kids

One more way to provide safe search is to use search engines for kids, with their primary focus being filtering adult content. Websites such as Kids Search and others offer broad and practical search services with built-in content filters that produce kid-friendly digital environments.

Note! Using search engines for kids is suitable for small kids. You may not even try to get an older child to use them.

Monitor the Internet Activities of Your Child

With HT Family Shield, you can view all the websites your children visited without accessing their computers. Moreover, you can block websites you don’t want your child to visit again, or you can set time limits for websites you think are time wasted directly from Reports.

  1. Open your online dashboard —
  2. Click Reports > Websites.
  3. Click the Block or Limit icons opposite the website you want to restrict.
Note! No Intern Filter cannot block all inappropriate websites that exist in the world. Each day hundreds of new adult websites are created. Supervise websites your child visited and block inappropriate ones if you find them on reports. No parental control software cannot substitute a parent.

Safe search is important for parents. Filtering web content empowers parents to prohibit their children from accessing websites with offensive, mature content or conflicts with family values.

As a parent, you have the right to establish an appropriate and helpful information environment in your house. HT Family Shield is created to facilitate the exercise of this right. It can help you to keep your family’s online experience as safe as possible. Trust HT Family Shield to provide safe search for your kids.

Last updated: August 5, 2022

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