How To Use Fast Windows Hider–A Quick Start Guide

Protect your privacy in just a few minutes

The program installation is quite simple.

  1. Download the Fast Windows Hider installer.
  2. Run it and follow the step-by-step installation procedure.

Fast Windows Hider starts automatically every time the computer is turned on. It works silently in the background and waits for your commands to hide your private windows.

Note! Fast Windows Hider is compatible with all Windows OS versions.

Configure Fast Windows Hider and select the app you want to hide. So after, you can hide them instantly anytime it is necessary.

  1. Open the Fast Windows Hider dashboard.
  2. Click the Add button and select the apps you want to hide.
  3. Or select the predefined App Categories.
Note! If you cannot find the app on the list, click Browse to find and select the executable file of this program on your computer.

There are a few ways to hide specific applications from the screen. Use any of these ways.

  1. Move the mouse to the Bottom-Right corner.
  2. Click the mouse wheel.
  3. Or press SHIFT+F12.
Note! You can change the hotkeys and mouse direction.

The Fast Windows Hider tray icon is displayed with a red checkmark when the apps are hidden Fast Windows Hider Icon When Hidden.

The same is to restoring hidden programs. Choose any of these ways.

  1. Move the mouse to the Top-Right corner.
  2. Click the mouse wheel.
  3. Press SHIFT+F12 once again.

Fast Windows Hider restores all windows without any losses.

  1. Press SHIFT+F11 to open the Fast Windows Hider dashboard.
  2. Or click its tray icon Fast Windows Hider Tray Icon.
Note! If you hid the Fast Windows Hider tray icon and forgot the keyboard shortcuts, you can open the program from its folder. Open C:\Program Files\Fast Windows Hider and click fwh.exe.

Fast Windows Hider has password protection, so the program will not show the hidden apps until the correct password is entered. To set up the password:

  1. Go to Options > General Settings.
  2. Select the Protect Hidden Programs with Password checkbox.
  3. Click Change Password and set your password.

When you hide windows, Fast Windows Hider also turns off all sounds on the computer. Therefore, no sound can compromise you.

Note! This option is turned on by default. However, you can change it.
  1. Go to Options > General Settings.
  2. Check or uncheck the Mute sound when hide.

Fast Windows Hider allows you to set customizable keyboard shortcuts or mouse actions to hide/show applications.

To configure mouse actions, open the Fast Windows Hider main screen and specify your combination to hide and show the specific app.
To set up the keyboard shortcuts, click Options > Hotkeys. Then, put the mouse cursor into the field and press your combination of keys.
The default options:
Open Fast Windows HiderSHIFT+F11
Hide by moving the mouse to the Bottom-Right corner
Unhide by moving the mouse to the Top-Left corner

Have a question about using our app? Need assistance with configuration? Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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