Fast Windows Hider 10 - More Info

Fast Windows Hider main screen

Main Features

  • Instantly hide and unhide any windows
  • Restore all windows exactly to the same state
  • Very easy interface
  • Hide groups of windows
  • Automatically refreshing a list of Opened windows
  • Small size of the program
  • Low system requirements
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Work invisibly

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How to Use Fast Windows Hider

For use Fast Windows Hider and hide windows just needs two actions:

  1. Specify windows that you want to hide when needed.
  2. Press the keyboard shortcuts or click on the icon when you want to hide them.

How to Open the Main Dialog

For open main dialog press hotkey (SHIFT+F11 by default) or right-click on the Fast Windows Hider tray icon and select Options menu item.

How to Hide Windows

First, you should choose windows which you want to be hide. Second, press hotkey (SHIFT+F12 by default) or click on the icon of Fast Windows Hider in the tray. All windows from the Hide list will be hidden. To unhide windows, press the same hotkey (SHIFT+F12 by default) or click on the icon of the program. All windows will be restored without any loss. To test Fast Windows Hider, there is the Hide/Unhide button on the main window.

Note! The tray icon is colored if windows are not hidden, otherwise the icon is grey.

How to Configure Windows You Want to Hide

The main dialog contains two lists - the predefine list and your list. Only selected applications will be hidden. Select the application from the prefefine list or add them to your list.

To add applications, click the Add button and select the application on the window which appears. If you cannot find the program you want to hide, click Browse to find out and select the the executable file of this program on your computer.

Change Of keyboard shortcuts

You can choose the keyboard shortcuts which will be comfortable for you. The keyboard shortcuts by default:

For change the shortcuts put the mouse cursor into fields for keyboard shortcuts and press your combination of keys which you want and click OK.

Invisible Mode

If you want that Fast Windows Hider works in invisible mode, check Hide icon of Fast Windows Hider in tray marker. This marker put away the icon of Fast Windows Hider from the tray.


If you want that Fast Windows Hider start up together with Windows that check Autorun with Windows startup marker.