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Want to keep your children safe on the Internet and on the computer? Our child control software with a powerful internet filter and a full set of filtering, monitoring and blocking features will help you to protect your child.

Child Control lets you filter content, block websites, disable games and instant messengers, control time spent on the computer and monitor computer activities. The software can block Facebook as well as any website or social network specified by you. It monitors all visited websites and apps. With features ranging from bad website blocking, to time controls and email reporting, the software will reliably protect your family.

Protect your children with HT Child Control!


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Child Control Features

Website Filter

Child Control protects your child from adult-oriented web sites as well as from many others unwanted sites. Use our banned categories of websites or add your list of sites to easily and effectively filter web content on your children's computers. You can also set up the whitelist websites except those allowed.

Applications Filter

Whether you want your children to spend less time chatting or playing computer games or you want to block access to some programs for security reasons, do it easily with Child Control.

Instant Messenger Blocking

Instant Messengers carries significant risks for children including the possibility of communicating with online predators or spreading personal information. With so many new messengers, sometimes it's difficult to be in the know. Therefore, we provide a list of instant messengers and chats to block.

Social Networks Blocking & Limiting

Almost every parent finds it necessary to limit access to social networking sites. These sites lead users to share information with others. They are also the most popular Web activity among teenagers. With HT Child Control you can ban or limit time on any social network from the most popular such as Facebook or Twitter to local chat rooms!

Time Controls

The time control feature provides numerous options on how to lock out a computer and not allow children to stay on it overtime. Maybe you want your children going to bed on time or doing their homework instead of wasting time on the computer. Just set up Time Controls. You may schedule a time period for each day of the week when children may access the computer or a maximum number of hours they may spend on the computer. Child Control also prevents any attempt to change the time on the computer.

Activity Monitoring

We understand how important it is for parents to know what exactly their children are doing on the computer. That's why HT Child Control provides complete reports of all computer activities. These reports include websites, applications, screenshots and system activities. You will know which sites users visited and which apps they run. The report lets you know exactly what your children are doing on the computer.

System Security

This feature can be especially useful if you have a tech-savvy child trying to lift the ban. See for yourself using System Security. You can disable access to task manager, control panel, add/delete program menu, Windows configuration and so on. There is absolutely no way your child will be able to override your limits.

Individual User Settings

Need to have different levels of restrictions for your children? It is not a problem! Child Control provides you that ability. Every feature can be customized for each user. You can enable or disable each filter for any user on your computer. For example, you can set a website filter and time control for your younger child and only a website filter for your older child.

Highly Protected

It's really frustrating for parents who believe their children are protected to discover that their child has been bypassing their limits a few minutes after logging on. That is why we paid extra attention to the level of protection of our software. We provide multilevel security. It includes built-in password protection, protection from removal, stealth modes, task manager blocking, control panel and registry editor blocking, disabling time change and more, so unauthorized users cannot access or uninstall HT Child Control.

Easy to Install and Use

Our child protection software with all its levels of security is extremely easy for parents to install and manage. We design the program in a way that less computer-experienced parents will find it easy to understand. Please try a 15-day free trial to make sure that HT Child Control is the best choice for your family.