HT Employee Monitor 15.1.2

Employee Monitoring Software

HT Employee Monitor is professional blocking and monitoring software for employers who wish to block or limit non-word related computer activities of employees such as social networks, chats, certain websites, and apps. The software contains many features to improve employee productivity and eliminate wasted time. HT Employee Monitor can record computer activities including visited websites, applications run, search queries and screenshots while giving you remote access to this information. It will help you increase productivity by decreasing wasted time.

Quick Features

  • Advanced Filtering Software
  • Advanced Monitoring Software
  • Remote Monitoring and Management


Blocking Features

Website Blocking

HT Employee Monitor delivers unique web filtering capabilities by combining a website category filter with white and black lists. Block unwanted websites in up to 10 categories. Block websites or URLs with keywords specified by you or allow sites only from your list. Ideal for blocking distracting sites from the workplace. For example, you can block Facebook and other social networks.

Website Limiting

Don't want completely to block non-work-related websites? Website Limiting helps administrators manage how much time users can spend on certain websites or have access to the websites. Control how much time users spend on social media sites or browsing websites like YouTube with HT Employee Monitor.

Application Blocking

Games, instant messengers, network games, etc. can be a significant problem in the workplace. Employee Monitor allows you to block any program you wish. Easy to set up, you can block from a list of programs or specify a file location. Together with Website Blocking, this allows you to take full control over what your users are doing online and offline on the computers.


Remote Monitoring and Management

Monitor your computers, view logs and set up filters remotely. In addition to email reporting, with HT Employee Monitor, you can monitor your employees' activities and configure the software remotely in REAL-TIME. It is no longer necessary to manage employees in person. The remote monitoring feature enables viewing PC activities with just a few clicks from a remote computer on the same network.

Remote Management allows you to remotely take full control of an employee's computer directly from your computer. You can block websites and apps on your employees' computers without leaving your desk. Your changes will take effect within a few minutes. Read how to configure Remote Management

Monitoring Features


See what sites your employees visited, when they accessed them and how long they spent on each site. Even if a user clears his browser history. HT Employee Monitor records all visited websites and shows them in chronological order or ordered by time spent. The software supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera.


HT Employee Monitor tracks and records all applications launched by your users. It lets you find out where employees waste time and so you can optimize their performance. The detailed report will show you exactly which applications were launched, when they were launched and the total time spent on each program on a particular PC.

Computer Activity

Our employee monitoring software tracks the time when the computer was active, when it was turned on and off. The program also shows, in a convenient graphical form, time spent on the computer by a particular user. It lets a manager know precisely how much time employees spent in the workplace.

Idle Time

Our employee monitoring software can record idle time. See how much time the employee spent at the computer and out. By default idle time is counted after five minutes of inactivity, this time can be configured.


Screenshot history provides a visual report of employees' activities. Employee Monitor captures a full-color computer screen with customizable intervals and image quality. The Screenshots provide visual cues of the activity on your employees' computers.

Search Queries

A separate log will show all queries made by users in search engines so that you can evaluate what information users are looking for. The software supports all popular search engines, Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing.

Our Benefits

Increase Productivity and Profits

work icon

Try our employee monitoring software to improve employee discipline and productivity. Block all non-work related activities in real time, even from remote locations. Statistics confirm that blocking improves employee productivity by at least at 30%. Your profit will increase together with productivity.

Combine Monitoring and Blocking Feature

monitor and block icon

Monitor activities and block distractions. Both monitoring and blocking features are in one program. HT Employee Monitor allows you to manage your employees' activities in a few clicks without getting up from your chair. Cut down on distractions and make sure your employees are engaged in work-related rather than personal activities.

Our Customers Say

The best employee monitoring software. I became a real fan of the program and recommended it to other managers. All of the promised features work perfectly. The software is easy to use and functional. I want to acknowledge the excellent work of your support team

Rebecca Wood

Website blocking and limiting is an excellent function that lets us restrict employees from different distractions at the office. We are really happy with your product. Thank you very much for your effort.

Mohammad Bostani

Personally, I have tried many monitoring programs, and each one was good in its own way. However, HT Employee Monitor has some advantages. The first, it does not slow down PCs. The second, not many employee monitors can boast a combination of monitoring & blocking features. HTEM perfectly blocks inappropriate page. Undoubtedly, this is a worthy choice.

Rene Dupont

Other Features


The program allows you to monitor and limit every user account on your PC independently of its rights. You can create different restrictions for different users. You can monitor and limit them with our computer monitoring software in different ways. Managing users with administrator rights is also available.


The software works in stealth mode. It runs silently in the background and does not appear in the All Programs menu, the Add/Remove menu, on the Desktop, etc. Only the owner of HT Employee Monitor who knows the special hotkeys and the password can access the program.

Email Reports

Together with the opportunity to monitor employees in real time, the software provides you with email reports that contain a wide array of recorded logs. With HT Employee Monitor receive emails with reports hourly and view logs from anywhere you can access your email.

How It Works

1. Install on Target Computer(s)

Install HT Employee Monitor on the computer(s) you wish to monitor. Installation takes less than a minute. Please note, only local installation is supported.

2. Block and Limit Unwanted Activities

Block or limit unwanted activities if necessary. Specify what is allowed on your computer and what is not. Set up the filters. Remote configuring is available.

3. Get Report of Blocked Activities

Immediately upon installation, the software begins working, invisibly in the background to monitor and control computer activities.

4. Remote Access to Logs and Filters

Make sure that all forbidden activities are blocked. Get email reports or see logs and configure filters remotely in web console from any computer.

Boost productivity and increase profit with our employee monitoring software.