HT Facebook Blocker 10.1.4

Overcome distractions. Being productive has never been easier!

  • Block or limit social network
  • Control apps & games
  • Schedule activities
  • Block inappropriate content

Top Feature to Keep Away from Distractions

With HT Facebook Blocker, control any activity on your computer in a way you like

Block or Limit Social Networks

With just a few clicks block Facebook and other social networks entirely. Otherwise, limit time spent on social media.

Control Apps & Games

Block apps you don't want or set time limits for games and other time wasting apps like messengers and chats altogether.

Block Pornography

Our top-reliable filter blocks all inappropriate content, mature content, violence, drugs, etc. Choose from 10 categories.

More Feature to be More Productive

Schedule Activities

Block social media during working hours and allow them during lunch breaks. Limit time users can spend on certain websites or applications. Balance work and leisure.

Block Any Websites

With HT Facebook Blocker, you can restrict access to any website, regardless of whether it's a social network or not. Block certain websites or use keyword blocking to block every related.

Monitor Activities

Determine where you waste your time exactly with activity reports. See how much time you spent on each website and program and block the most harmful for your productivity.

Computer Time

Check how much time you spend on your computer. Maybe it's time to rest or and vice versa make more effort. The reports will show all time spent and highlight idle time.

Individual User Setting

Need to have different access restrictions for different users? HT Facebook Blocker can do it. Each blocking feature can be enabled or disabled on a user basis.

Impossible to Bypass

HT Facebook Blocker cannot be tricked even in more sophisticated ways. Time changing, proxy services, anonymizers will not help. Use built-in features for extra protection.

Only a Few Minutes to Get Started

2. Block Time Wasters

Keep away from distractions. Block or limit time wasters to concentrate on your work.

3. Be productive

Track activities to find a balance between work and rest and use your time most efficiently.

Ready for your free trial?

If you are looking for a way to block Facebook and other social networks, increasing productivity and limiting non-work-related activities, HT Facebook Blocker is best for you. The software assists you in managing computer usage, blocking or limiting time-wasting activities, balance your work and rest. Install HT Facebook Blocker and use your computer time most efficiently!