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Everyone has been faced with a situation where someone views your screen with personal information on it. Do you occasionally want to visit Facebook, play games, chat, or just take some rest in the workplace without looking over your shoulder?

Let us introduce Fast Windows Hider, specially designed to protect your privacy. Fast Windows Hider is easy to use. It allows you to hide any window, program, browser or game in the background with one click or hotkey. The program instantly hides specified windows from your desktop and taskbar without closing them. Click once to hide and click once more to restore all hidden windows without any loss of information. Fast Windows Hider mutes sound as well as hides tray icons.

  • Hide Any Applications
  • Hide Games
  • Hide Instant Messengers
  • Hide Video and Photos
  • Hide Browsers
  • Hide Emails


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Fast Windows Hider Features

Instantly Hide Any Window

Fast Windows Hider instantly hides windows you want to keep private with one click or hotkey. You can hide browsers, instant messengers, photos, video, any document or email. You can hide any application you want. Just click your mouse wheel or press the keyboard shortcuts and all specified applications with all their windows will be hidden instantly.

Free Lost Restore

You can restore all hidden windows without any loss exactly to the same place and state. Just unhide your windows to resume your activities as if nothing happened.

Hide Instant Messengers

The program allows you to hide instant messengers, their pop-ups, their tray icons and even mute instant messenger familiar sounds. No one will suspect that you've launched instant messenger. Of course, all this time you'll be online, and your friends can send you messages that you will receive as soon as you unhide the messenger.

Mute Sound

Fast Windows Hider automatically mutes sound (optional) when you hide windows. It is especially important if you hide films, music, games, browsers, etc. Sounds can be the most treacherous, so please be sure you enable this feature.

Configure Once, Hide Anytime

Configure Fast Windows Hider once to hide all your personal windows whenever needed. Just specify applications, browsers, instant messengers, etc. you want to hide. After that, the program knows what you want to hide. You just need to press the keyboard shortcuts or mouse wheel.

Stealth Mode

Fast Windows Hider silently works in the background, invisible to others so nobody can detect it. Only you will know that Fast Windows Hider is installed!

Different Ways to Hide

Fast Windows Hider allows you to hide windows in different ways. It can be pressing the mouse wheel, moving the mouse or keyboard shortcuts. By default, to hide private windows you should press your mouse wheel, or press Shift + F12 or move your mouse to the Bottom-Right corner of the screen. Choose one of these methods or customize the hide option to the most suitable way for you.

How Fast Windows Hider Works

To Configure

The Fast Windows Hider interface is simple and friendly. First, you should specify applications you want to hide instantly. So open Fast Windows Hider and choose the apps - select the most widespread internet applications or add yours. Specify all applications you want to conceal. Now you can close the window.

To Hide

When you need to hide your windows, click the mouse wheel or press the keyboard shortcuts—Shift + F12. One more way is to move the mouse to the Bottom-Right corner of the screen. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts or mouse actions.

To Unhide

To unhide the windows, click the mouse wheel once again, or press Shift + F12, or move the mouse to the Left-Right corner.

To protect your privacy, start using Fast Windows Hider today!