Internet Filtering Software

Internet Filtering Software

If you’re a parent of a school-age child, then you need to be aware of dangers existing in the online world. Adult content sites, violent games, chat rooms and even social networks and emails can be dangerous and pose a risk. The list of potential dangers goes on and on. Since parents cannot always be near their kids to protect and monitor their every action on the computer, Internet Filtering Software is available to help you to keep your child safe while browsing the Internet or using the computer. HT Parental Controls is software that allows you to filter internet content and control other computer activities.

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How Internet Filtering Can Protect Your Child

Block Inappropriate Website Categories

Block Adult Content, Social Networks, Violence, Drags, Online Shopping, etc.

Block Websites by URLs and Keywords

Forbid any website you do not want your children to access

Block All Websites Except Those Allowed

Set up your list of trusted websites while blocking access to all others

Limit Time on Time-Wasting Websites

Set your list of websites and specify how much time per day users can spend on them

Set up Time Controls

Specify how much time and when users can be on the computer

View Detailed Reports of all Online and Offline Activities

View local or email reports of all visited websites, launched apps, search queries, etc.

This is only a small list of HT Parental Controls features. Test all program features with a 15-day free trial.

How to set our Internet Filtering Software

  1. Download and install HT Parental Controls.
  2. Click Website Blocking.

main website blocking

  1. Select all the checkboxes with categories you want to be filtered.
  2. Specify your list of banned websites.

internet filtering

How to limit time on certain websites with Internet Filtering Software

  1. Click Website Limiting.
  2. Enter your list of websites you want to limit time on.
  3. Specify the amount of time that users are allowed to spend on them.

limit time websites

  1. On the Options menu, click Set Password.
  2. Enter and confirm your new access password to HT Parental Controls.

Protect Your Children with HT Parental Controls

Step 1

Choose HT Parental Controls as your Internet Filtering Software

Step 2

Install the software on your computer

Step 3

Configure the filter settings for your family’s needs

Step 4

Enjoy online and offline security

Although Internet Filtering Software cannot eliminate every danger lurking in cyberspace, it is quite a strong defense. With HT Parental Controls most of the dangers will be stopped at the entrance before they can even reach your child. Combined with computer monitoring, you will have peace of mind knowing that your child is safe on the computer.

The online world can be a dangerous place for kids and teens. Talk with your child about dangers that can trap them on the Internet and install Internet Filtering Software to make sure that they are completely protected even when you are not directly supervising their online activities. Consider using HT Parental Controls as a reliable and comprehensive Internet Filtering Software package.