Family Internet Filter - HT Parental Controls

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The best way to protect your family online is to use an effective Family Internet Filter. We strongly recommend using such software on your child’s computer. It makes undesirable content unavailable and protects users from online threats.

Our advanced website filter - HT Parental Controls combines monitoring and blocking features to give the best protection to your child. The Family Internet Filter keeps your children away from malicious content and prevents them finding it while the website blocker reliably bans specific websites. Additional monitoring features track computer usage including sites and applications sending you reports by email.

The Best Internet Filter - HT Parental Controls

We would like to introduce our best Internet Filter’HT Parental Controls. The software can be your indispensable helper at Internet safety blocking all unwanted content on your family computer and providing you with many other helpful features to protect your children.

Internet Filter Features

Filter Efficiency

How well an internet filter performs its task of controlling and blocking undesirable content is the main criterion for evaluating the quality of a filter. With HT Parental Controls, you can be sure that your computer is safe from offensive websites.

Website and Application Blocking

Our website blocker blocks websites by categories, by specific URLs and even by keywords. You can also block all websites except those whitelisted. You can restrict access to any application as well - instant messengers, browsers, games, players, etc.

Monitoring Features

Together with blocking features, HT Parental Controls allows you to monitor users’ computer activities - visited websites, launched applications, etc. Monitoring is extremely useful when you need to eliminate online threats.

Individual User’s Settings

You can customize HT Parental Controls for each family member. The program has a friendly interface making it possible for people with all levels of computer experience to use it.

Supported Browsers

Our internet filtering software can work with all popular browsers. HT Parental Controls can filter content on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Brave, and Opera. Read how to block Facebook in Google Chrome


Multi-Language Support

Our websites categories support English, Spanish, German and Russian. However, you can block specific websites or keywords in any language. Our program allows detecting pornography and other inappropriate content on foreign language websites.

Password Protection

HT Parental Controls can be password protected. Set up the access password to prevent program bypassing or configuration changing. Only the person who knows the password can turn off the internet filter.

Internet Speed Influence

Many internet filter programs slow down the surfing speed of your browser. The delay comes from filtering algorithms. It is usually small but could be irritating. Our family internet filter does not have this shortcoming.

Protect your kid from online and offline threats with our family internet filter