General Settings

On the General Settings tab, you can configure the most common and important program settings such as program autorun, access hotkeys, and password and hide the program. You should find it fairly intuitive to use this tab. Read the information below if you need help.

Run the program automatically

This option configures the program start. If it's checked, HT Parental Controls starts automatically at Windows loading. The feature is essential for parental controls' uninterrupted work. The option is enabled by default.

Show warning when the program starts

Select it if you want the program displays a message each time the parental control runs on the PC. In the field below, you can enter your text for the message. It's unchecked by default.

Hey! The computer is for homework not for entertaining. If you want to have fun, let's play basketball with dad!

Hide the program

The option allows you to hide the program icons completely. In case it's hidden, you can use the hotkeys or the access work to open it.

Access Hotkeys

The default hotkeys to open HT Parental Controls are Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Z. Almost like everyone else in HT Parental Controls, the Access Hotkeys are also configurable. To change the hotkeys, put the mouse cursor in the field and press your combination.

Note! You need to use a unique combination that does not conflict with other programs' hotkeys in order to avoid conflict between programs.

Password Protection

Use it to create or change an access password. Learn how to create or change an access password

Show warning when blocking

The option allows you to show a warning message when HT Parental Controls has blocked a website/application. By default, HT Parental Controls blocks the website redirecting it to about: blank and does not show any message. In case of blocking application, the app simply cannot be opened.

If the option is enabled, a Windows notification appears each time your child tries accessing inappropriate activity.

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