Remote Management

Monitor Your Network Computers Remotely in Real Time

Remote Management is a special feature that allows you to view logs and configure the filters remotely from any computer on the same network. It lets you see all records, set up website and application filters and even start/stop monitoring of your computer(s) from any place in the office. Your changes take effect immediately.

The Remote Management is one of many features of our programs - HT Work Focus and HT System Administrator.

How to Configure and Use Remote Management

To use the Remote Management feature, you need to enable it locally on the monitored computer and remember its address. Then open your browser on an admin computer and access the Remote Console of the monitored computer by entering its address together with your password.

Note! To use Remote Management, install HT Work Focus or HT System Administrator on each computer you want to manage.

Please find the detailed steps on how to enable and configure Remote Management below:

  1. How to enable Remote Management
  2. How to access Remote Console
  3. How to access Remote Console with HT Remote Manager
  4. How to change login and password
  5. How to change the listening port

How to Enable Remote Management

  1. Download and install the software on the computer(s) you want to monitor.
    Download HT Work Focus
    Download HT System Administrator
  2. Open it and click Remote Management.

main window- remote management

  1. Click Turn on and remember the URL to access the computer remotely.
  2. Click Apply.

enable remote management

Pay Attention! Remote Management only works if the software is in the Allowed Programs list of Windows Firewall. If Windows Security Alert appears, click Allow access.

Learn how to add HT Work Focus to Windows Firewall Exceptions

How to Access the Remote Console

You can access the Remote Console of the monitored computer from any computer on the same network when the monitored computer is online on your local network. There are two ways to access the Remote Console:

How to Access the Remote Console with a Browser

  1. Open your browser and enter the computer address from the Remote Management tab:
    http://computer-name:port, where computer-name is the name of the monitored computer, for example, http://JohnPC:8080.
  2. Enter your login and password. The default login is admin, the default password is admin.

login remote console

  1. Once you sign in, you will see the Remote Console of the monitored computer.

remote management

Note! You can view the address of the monitored computer on the Remote Management tab. Remember it and use it to access its Remote Console.

If you cannot access the Remote Console, try changing the address to http://IP-address:port, where IP-address is the IP address of the remotely monitored computer, for example, That can occur due to the different Windows versions on monitored and admin computers.

How to Access the Remote Console with HT Remote Manager

HT Remote Manager is a free tool to store addresses of monitored computers and accessing their remote consoles.

  1. Download and run HT Remote Manager on your admin computer.
  2. Click Find Computers to auto find all online computers with enabled Remote Management on the network.
  3. Or click Add Computer to add addresses of your monitored computers manually.
  4. Click the computer you want to connect.

HT Remote Manager

How to Change Login and Password

The default login and password to access the Remote Console are:

Login - admin
Password - admin

To change them:

  1. Open the program locally on the monitored computer and click Remote Management.
  2. Enter a new login and password and click Apply.

How to Change the Listening Port

The Remote Console uses TCP port 8080 for client connections by default. To change the port:

  1. Open the program locally on the monitored computer and click Remote Management.
  2. Enter a new port number between 1025 and 65535 in the Port text box and apply changes.
Note! If the admin and monitored computers are on different networks, you should use port forwarding to connect to such remote computers.

Want to monitor computers that are not on the same network or even far from you? Email Reporting is an additional feature of HT Work Focus that allows you to receive emails with reports so you can review logs from anywhere you can read your emails.

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Start monitoring and managing your computers quickly with Remote Management