Parental Time Control Software

If you are worried about how much time your children spend on their computer or what they are doing online while you are not able to supervise them, then let us present HT Parental Controls with Time Controls and Time Limits features that allows you to limit your kids’ computer time and monitor their activities.

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Parental Time Control Software Features

The Time Control feature of HT Parental Controls allows you to limit the amount of time your child spends on the computer and shut it down automatically. You may also set up a schedule for computer use. By specifying what time of day is allowed, kids can access the computer only when they are permitted. With HT Parental Controls, you can:

Shut the computer down by a schedule

Set up a time-of-day schedule for when your computer is allowed

Limit the time spent on the computer

Set a computer timer for your kids

Limit time on certain websites and applications

Configure how much time your child can spend on specified sites or apps

How to Set up Time Controls with HT Parental Controls

  1. Download and install HT Parental Controls.
  2. Click Time Controls.

main window

  1. To set up a schedule for computer usage, click-and-drag in the PC Usage Schedule grid. A red space indicates that computer use is not allowed during the time of day indicated.

Computer Timer for Kids

  1. Select how much time users are allowed to spend on the computer from the PC Usage Limits box.
  2. Click Apply to save your change.

limit computer time

Note! The minimum value is 15 minutes, and the maximum is 10 houses per day.

When computer time is about to expire, HT Parental Controls displays a message. By using this window, you can override time controls or extend the time.

Extend Time Controls

Only the person who knows the access password can override the computer timer.

The program does not only help you to limit the time on the computer for your children, but it also allows you to limit the time on specific websites.

How to Limit Time for Specific Websites

Many kids spend too much time chatting with friends on social networking sites and playing online games. They can neglect their homework and their sleep schedule.

Website Limiting allows parents to restrict the time that users can spend on those websites which you have specified in the program. For example, you can limit the time a user can spend on Facebook to 40 minutes a day.

Learn how to limit time on Facebook

limit time on certain websites

Time Controls

The computer timer for kids is only one of the many possibilities provided by HT Parental Controls.

Many parents are concerned about what their kids are doing on the computer, what they are doing on social networks, what games they are playing, what websites are they visiting, with whom they are chatting online. With HT Parental Controls you will be able to monitor exactly what they are doing. Logs of websites, applications, and screenshots will give you a clear picture of your kid’s computer activity.

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