How to Block Discord | The App and Site on a Computer

Discord is trendy chat and has both a website and an app. Therefore, to block Discord or limit time on it, you need to ensure that both the Discord site and app are securely locked. Find to do it, simply and reliably:

How to Block the Discord Site

HT Family Shield can block/ limit or even schedule Discord and other chats and messengers with a few clicks and have a range of other helpful features to manage computer use.

  1. Download HT Family Shield and install it on the computer you want to restrict Discord.
  2. Create an account to access all the options remotely on your parental dashboard.
  3. Open and log in.
  4. Click Website Blocking and add or the bare keyword Discord to your Blacklist.
Turn toggle the Chart sites under the Banned Categories to block all chat and messenger sites.
Note! When blocking Discord with a router, such blocking can be easily bypassed with VPNs or proxy servers.

How to Set Time Limits on the Discord Site

With HT Family Shield, you can set the amount of time your family members can spend on the Discord and other sites— an hour, day, or week with a few clicks:

  1. Click Website Limiting and add Discord.
  2. Set time restrictions on the limited sites or/and make the Schedule.

How to Block/Limit the Discord app

The Discord app is installed on a computer program that works independently from its site. To block/limit/schedule it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click App Blocking.
  2. Click Add and add the Discord app to the list.
  3. Choose BLOCK for Discord to block it completely.
  4. Choose LIMIT to limit the amount of time users can spend on the Discord app.
If you selected Limit, set up time restrictions or/and set the Schedule.
To block all installed on the computer messengers, select Block for the Messengers category.

HT Family Shield Reports

HT Family Shield can not only manage screen time, block unwanted sites and apps. It gives detailed reports of all your child’s computer activities accessible from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. So that you can see where your child spends time online and block all harmful or time-wasting activities directly from reports.

  1. Log in to your parent dashboard at
  2. Click Reports > Websites or Applications.
  3. Click the Block or Limit icon-button against unwanted activities.

Alerts show activities that were blocked

We created HT Family Shield to protect children from harmful and unacceptable content, limit online distraction, to help parents keep their children safer and focused when online. Try a 14-day free trial to block Discord and other charts, and test all the program benefits.

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