How to Limit Time on Facebook

Facebook and other social networking sites are the most powerful destroyers of time. Unfortunately, not everyone can forget about Facebook while working or studying only through willpower alone. Therefore, we suggest using one of two simple utilities to limit time on Facebook and other sites. These tools allow you to arrange visiting times to distracting websites easily. So, how to limit access time to Facebook and other time-wasting websites. Here you can find detailed instructions with screenshots.

How to Limit Time on Facebook Step by Step

HT Parental Controls and HT Work Focus allow you not only to limit the time users can spend on Facebook but also set up your policy to limit and block different sites. After downloading and installing the program, you need just to specify how much time daily a user is allowed to spend on Facebook or add your list of distracting websites.

  1. Download and install the software.
    Download HT Parental Controls
    Download HT Work Focus
  2. Click Facebook Blocking and click on Facebook.
  3. Select Limit and specify how much time users can spend on Facebook per day.
  4. Apply Changes.

How to limit time on Facebook

With the software, you can configure the amount of time users are allowed to spend on certain sites as well as set a schedule for when they are allowed.

Specify the hours when the program will limit access to Facebook and the specified sites.

block by schedule

Finally, the last step is to set a password that protects the program settings. Click Options > Set Password.

The program is now silently working in the background, reliably protecting you from visiting distracting websites at the wrong time. If a user tries to visit Facebook outside of allowed hours or stays there too long, the program blocks Facebook and shows a pop-up message explaining that access has been blocked.

Website Statistics

HT Parental Controls and HT Work Focus keep a log of events and record sites visited. In this way, you can see which sites were visited and how much time was spent on them. The software keeps computer usage statistics while blocking unsuitable content.

Visited Websites

log of websites circle

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Launched Applications

log of applications

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There is an option "System Security" that allows blocking any user attempts to bypass the ban, for example, changing the system time or ending software in task manager.

Software Features

Limit time on Facebook and other sites

Block certain sites and site categories

Control time users can spend on the computer

Block certain applications installed on the computer

Monitor visited websites and the time spent on them

Stealth mode and bypass protection

Our Customers Say

Without wasting words, the software is needed, even necessary, plus everything easy and intuitive. It’s a godsend to limit time on Facebook and other media. My son began to breathe fresh air and enjoy life. — Joan W, USA

The soft is excellent. It has range of features. The most necessary for me are abilities to limit Facebook and other distractions. Well done! — Lucy P, Canada

During the trial period, the program has proved that it perfectly handles the task. It helps me a lot. I installed it on all computers in the office. I recommend it to my clients. — Emir A., UAE

Facebook may be everywhere, but it does not have to control your life. When you limit time on Facebook, you create time for living.