Application Blocking & Limiting

Protecting your children's computer and managing their activities is so easy with HT Parental Controls. Block any applications – games, messengers, browsers, email programs or limit and schedule their use.

  1. Choose Application Blocking.
  2. Click Add and select the app you want to block.
  3. If you cannot find it on the list, click Browse to specify its location.

One more way that allows you to block applications even more easily.

  1. Run app you want to block.
  2. Open HT Parental Controls and click the Applications reports.
  3. Find the app on the log, select it and click the Block app button at the bottom of the tab.

To limit the time your child can spend on the app or schedule application use, follow these steps:

  1. Add the app, as mentioned above.
  2. Select the application from the list and choose Limit.
  3. Specify Maximum time allowed. If needed, click Set schedule to configure it.

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