How to Use HT Family Shield–A Quick Start Guide

Learn how to protect your children online in just a few minutes

  1. Download and install the HT Family Shield local agent on your child’s computer or laptop with Windows OS from any user account.
  2. Create your account for the program, or log in if you already have an account.
  3. Go to your Family Portal to configure the filters and review logs.
Note! The sequence of the following actions doesn’t matter.

HT Family Shield begins monitoring activities automatically immediately upon installation. It starts every time the computer is turned on; working silently in the background, recording activities, and blocking them according to your settings. The program does not block any activity by default; therefore, you need to configure the filters according to your preferences.

Our internet filter can detect and block pornography and other unsuitable websites from the banned categories to help your child connect to the digital world safely.

  1. Go to Website Limits.
  2. Select Block for the predefine categories you believe are inappropriate for viewing.
HT Family Shield works even in private browsing mode and cannot be bypassed with VPNs.

With HT Family Shield, you can block domains, specific URLs, and keywords. (i.e., Playboy, lingerie). Add an unlimited number of websites to the Blacklist.

  1. Go to Website Blocking.
  2. Enter a URL or keyword you want to block in the field under the Blacklist and click Add.
  3. Add as many URLs or keywords as you wish.
Our parental controls reliably block restricted sites across Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox, Opera, and Brave.

The software reports all visited sites and allows blocking unwanted from the reports. To make sure that your child will not access them again. Learn more.

One more option of HT Family Shield is to block all websites and allow only those in the Whitelist. In this way, your child can access only approved sites.

  1. Go to Website Blocking.
  2. Add allowed websites to the Whitelist.
  3. Select the Allow only white-listed websites checkbox.

Our parental control app has the ability to block or limit certain applications that you find disruptive or time-wasting. Application controls can work in two ways. You can block an application completely so your child cannot launch it, or you can create time limits and a schedule for it.

  1. Go to Application Blocking.
  2. Add apps you want to block or limit to the Customer List — choose an app from the drop-down list and click Add.
  3. Choose status for each listed app Block (completely inaccessible) or Limit (limited by time).
  4. You can block/limit the predefine categories that contain hundreds of apps.
  5. Set time restrictions or create the Schedule for limited apps.
Note! HT Family Shield can identify only the apps that were launched after its installation. So if you cannot find the app to block in the list, you need to launch it on the family computer, and then it will appear in the list.

Note: The time limit is shared among all the included apps on the list.

HT Family Shield allows parents to set limits for how long their child is one specific sites and apps and the time of day they can access them. In this way, you can manage activities that you find disruptive or time-wasting.

  1. Click Website Limits.
  2. Add websites you want to restrict to the list and select the Limit status for them.
  3. Select Limit for time-wasting site categories.
  4. Set time restrictions for limited sites/categories and create a Schedule if needed.

Note: The time limit is shared among all the listed websites/apps.

HT Family Shield allows parents to manage how long their children spend on the computer by applying a schedule or setting time limits for using the computer on a per-day basis.

  1. Click Rules > Screen Time.
  2. In the Schedule section, click and drag around the grid to specify the time period that you want to set to blocked.
  3. Set up the PC Usage Limits on how long the device can be used on a daily or weekly basis.
  4. Choose Log out or Shut down to lock the computer when the time expires.

Regardless of how intricate and complex, you create your restrictions, they will not work if your smart child can stop the program from running. Therefore, please protect HT Family Shield with these built-in options:

  1. Click Rules > Enhanced Security.
  2. Select Restrict access to Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) to prevent HT Family Shield from stopping via task manager.

HT Family Shield provides you with detailed reports of all visited websites, launched applications, and search queries. It shows you how much time your child spent on each activity. Stay in the know about what your child does on the computer and block harmful or inappropriate actions directly from the reports.

  1. Click the reports you want to see on the dashboard.
  2. To block or limit unwanted activity from the reports, click the block or clock icon opposite it.

HT Family Shield flags any attempt to access banned/restricted sites and apps so you can talk about it. See alerts for all blocked events.

To review blocked activities, click Alerts in the Reports category.

Upon installation, HT Family Shield monitors all of the users on the computer. All the filters and monitoring features can be enabled/disabled for individual users. This allows you to define specific rules for some users, while other users can surf the Internet and use the computer without limitations.

Go to Settings > User Settings and customize the program options.

Have a question about using our app? Need assistance with configuration? Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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