HT Task Vector 5.1.2
Give your computer the right direction

Purge your computer of useless sites and apps, and save your time for the things you really need!



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Improving productivity has never been so easy!

Blocks junk websites & apps

Limits time on non-work related activities

Schedule your computer leisure activities

Maintain a balance between work and rest

Time Management

Wave goodbye to time-watering sites & apps!

Set time limits for entertainment, social media, games, messengers, etc., and schedule your work and leisure activities. With a suite of simple but powerful limiting features, your computer will feel like a powerful tool for your work instead of an add-on to social media or YouTube videos.

Reports - HT Task Vector

Set Time Limits or Block Completely

Application Blocking/Limiting

Set Daily Limits & Schedules

Reports - HT Task Vector

Website Blocking

An ingenious way to get rid of bad online habits!

HT Task Vector guards you from the worst online habits???adult sites, gambling, shopping, violent content, and more. Use HT Task Vector to defend yourself and your team from online junk before it has a chance to ruin your day.

Works even in private browsing mode

Cross-browser support

Cannot be bypassed with VPNs


Wondering where your time is being wasted? Find out with HT Task Vector!

Which sites and apps are devouring your time? HT Task Vector reports all visited websites and apps, together with time spent on each of them. Don’t let any computer activity be missed from your view. See which sites and apps are taking too much time, then block or limit those you don’t want—so simple!

Reports - HT Task Vector

Alerts with blocked activities

Search query monitoring

Automatic time tracking

Remote Control. Sit back—a few clicks are all it takes.

Once installed, the HT Task Vector app monitors and manages computer activities on target computers according to your restrictions. The recorded data is uploaded to your online dashboard where you can view reports and set your rules for using the computer(s), preventing time from being wasted in front of the screen.

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Make Your Computer Productive—In a Snap!

1. Install the App on Your Computer(s)

Install the local agent on your or your team’s computers, then create an account or log in.

2. Use Your Online Dashboard

Log in to your online dashboard in your browser to manage and supervise in real-time.

HT Task Vector offers 10+ features, someone of which cannot be found anywhere else!


  • Category Filter
  • Black and White Lists
  • Time Limits & Scheduling
  • Keyword Blocking
  • Apps & Games Blocking


  • Reports Visited Websites
  • Search Queries
  • Time Tracking
  • Alerts
  • Application Report


  • Online Dashboard
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • VPN Resistance
  • Strong Protection
  • Easy to Use

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There’s so much you can do to optimize yourself and your team with HT Task Vector. Say goodbye to distractions, and hello to productivity!

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