Monitoring Features - HT Work Focus FAQ

1. Which activities can the app monitor?

2. How to get the emailed reports

3. How to receive the emailed reports through your SMTP server


Which Activities Can the App Monitor?

HT Work Focus can record visited websites, launched applications, search queries, screenshots, computer sessions, and the time spent on the PC(s). The program provides two options for logs - chronological sequence or History logs and Chart logs with the time users spent on websites and applications.

HT Work Focus Reports

You can configure the monitoring to track only those activities which you consider necessary to monitor.

Tap Monitoring Settings, uncheck activities you don’t want to be recorded.

Monitoring Settings HT Work Focus

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How to Get the Emailed Reports

HT Work Focus offers the option to receive automatic reports with logs to your email address.

  1. Tap Email Reporting.
  2. Select Send email reports and specify how often you want to receive them.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. To test email reporting, click the Send Test Report button.
  5. To get the reports on a few emails, specify them separated by commas.

Configure Email Reports HT Work Focus

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How to Receive the Emailed Reports Through Your SMTP Server

HT Work Focus offers the option to receive the reports via your SMPT server directly avoiding transferring via our email server.

  1. Tap Email Reporting.
  2. Select Send email reports every and specify your email address.
  3. Choose Send through Custom SMTP Server.
  4. Specify your SMPT server parameters.

Note! The feature is available only for SMTP email servers which do not use SSL authentication. Usually, this feature is used by corporate customers who have their own SMTP server. It does not support Gmail and other popular email servers with SSL.

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