HT System Administrator 18.3.1

The easiest way to manage computer use


Designed to be an excellent assistant to anyone who needs to control computers and block unwanted activities!

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Block or limit everything on the computer with a few clicks

with HT System Administrator unique features


With the HT System Administrator unique features, you can block or limit virtually every activity on the computer.


Review detailed reports of visited websites, launched applications, and the time spent on the computers.


Each action can be performed remotely with a few clicks. No extensive skills or computer knowledge are required.

As Simply as Possible

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HT System Administrator is a unique application to control computers and block unwanted activities. It's an excellent assistant to system administrators or anyone who needs to manage computer usage.

Once installed, HT System Administrator can restrict access to games, messengers, browsers, and other apps on your computers. With its powerful Internet filter, HT System Administrator can block websites and inappropriate content. Its detailed reports show you computer usage statistics.

No special skills are required to control your computers as a system administrator. Increase productivity and lock time-wasting distractions with HT SysAdmin.

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With HT System Administrator, You Can

Block and Limit Certain Websites

Block or limit time on any website. You can block certain websites by URLs, keywords, or entire categories such as adult content, social networks, etc. Browser type and version make no difference.

Block all Websites Except Those Allowed

Do you prefer to block all websites and give access only to sites needed for work? Entrust this task to HT SysAdmin. Add your list to the program. Any site not from the approved list will be blocked.

Block Certain Applications

You can block any program from launching on your computer in just a few clicks, and even the most computer-savvy users cannot circumvent the ban. Block games, messengers, chat, and even browsers.

Remote Management

Configure the filters and review reports remotely from any computer on the same network. You do not need to access the monitored computer to set up or change the filters. Read more about Remote Management

Disable Access to Windows Settings

Rely on HT System Administrator if you need to disable important Windows options such as Task Manager, Control Panel, etc. So users cannot access or change them.

View Detailed Statistics

HT System Administrator provides detailed statistics of computer use. You can view visited websites, launched applications, time spent on the computer, blocked activities.

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2. Configure

Easily set the filters to block/limit unwanted activities and disable threats.

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3. Protect

Manage the computers and view reports remotely as simply as possible.

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