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HT System Administrator

  • Manage what users can do on PCs
  • Block websites with black and white lists
  • Configure filters remotely
  • Easy to install and use for anyone

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HT Parental Controls

  • Monitor your child's computer activity
  • Filter content and control applications
  • Get emails with logs
  • Strongly protected against bypassing

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HT Employee Monitor

  • Advanced filtering & blocking features
  • Powerful monitoring of computer activities
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • The best administrative software

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Why HT Vector

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Our Customers Say

I purchased your ht system administrator and loved it. The software is extremely easy-to-use and multifunctional at the same time. Thank you for your product! It greatly helps improve performance and discipline. — Ron Skyler, USA

Only needed the product for one week while we had a teen guest. If I have to get parental controls in the future, this will be the one. It was exactly what I wanted, and it was flexible and simple to use. Excellent one! — Michelle Bescond, Canada

Need to manage my PCs to block certain activity. The software works very well and has a lot of good features to monitor and control activities. Your support responsiveness is beyond praise. — Rajesh Kumar, India

HT Employee Monitor 15

Employee Monitor

HT Employee Monitor is an easy way to improve employee productivity. It allows you to block all non-work related computer activities - websites, applications, etc. You can block or limit social networking sites, entertainment content, games and instant messengers. HT Employee Monitor also lets you block all websites except whitelist, so you can allow only web sites from your list and block any others. Any non-work related activity can be determined and banned. It is the best way to block Facebook in Google Chrome.

Remote monitoring and management will help you set up the filters and view logs remotely. Simple to install and use, the program does not require any additional knowledge or equipment. Start using HT Employee Monitor and get the results.

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HT Parental Controls 15

Parental Controls

HT Parental Controls compiles all necessary functions for parents to protect and restrict their children on the computer in one easy-to-use program. Filter websites, block applications, control time spent, block games and chats, monitor and track computer activities with HT Parental Controls.

It contains the best internet filter and comprehensive monitoring to view visited websites, typed keystrokes, screenshots, and much more. HT Parental Controls provides safe Internet and safe search for your children in all browsers. We created the software to protect your loved ones. Install HT Parental Controls, and it will take care of your child online and offline.

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HT System Administrator 14

System Administrator

HT System Administrator is easy-to-use and effective software to control computer usage. This tool does not need any knowledge to block unwanted activities and to set up your own rules on your computers.

The program allows you to block all inappropriate activities such as websites, games, programs, instant messengers, chats, etc. It lets you manage computers remotely from an admin PC on the network, so you can do it from your chair.

Reports with logs will show detailed statistics of computer usage to determine and ban time-wasting activities. The tool is also the easiest way to protect a computer against negligent users. Manage your computers in a few clicks with HT System Administrator.

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HT Facebook Blocker 8

Facebook Blocker

Many fairly suppose that social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have a negative impact on productivity. HT Facebook Blocker is the best solution if you want to block the sites or limit the time your employees or children spend on them.

HT Facebook Blocker allows you to control computer usage and internet access. It helps you increase productivity by blocking or limiting non-work related activities such as social networking sites, instant messengers, online games, etc. Detail statistics will show how much time users spend on each site or app. Block distractions easily with HT Facebook Blocker.

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