Block all Websites except a Whitelist

Website blocking is the most necessary and important function for both parental control and employee monitoring software. There are two ways blocking unwanted content - to block all websites except trusted with a whitelist or to block specify sites with a blacklist.

Whitelist allows you to automatically block all websites that are not on your list of allowed websites. This requires preparation at the beginning when you need to add websites to the whitelist, but guarantees maximum protection and reduces your risks to a minimum. Whitelist mode is ideal for children under 10-11 years. It is the most reliable way of controlling what websites can be accessed and what cannot. Unfortunately, a whitelist cannot be set up with the Hosts file or with browser settings.

Blacklist, on the contrary, blocks websites specified on the list and allows all others. This way of filtering content is more suitable for older children, whose parents want to protect their children without giving them the feeling that they are over-controlled. It cannot guarantee 100% safety so, when using a blacklist, we recommend monitoring website activity to detect inappropriate content that was not blocked and then add such websites to the blacklist.

If you think about using a reliable website filter with whitelist mode for your home or office, HT Parental Controls and HT Employee Monitor can offer clues.

How to block all websites except whitelisted with the software

Let us introduce how to block all websites except whitelisted using HT Parental Controls for home and HT Employee Monitor for business:

  1. Download and install the software.
    Download HT Employee Monitor
    Download HT Parental Controls
  2. On the Controls menu, click Website Blocking.

block all websites except whitelist

  1. Click the Add button near the Allowed Websites list.

add website to whitelist

  1. Enter a website address or a keyword you want to allow. For example: or wikipedia.
  2. Enter all websites you want to allow.
  3. Select the Only allow the websites listed above checkbox.

Or you can import your list to the program:

  1. Prepare your list of allowed websites in a txt or csv file.
  2. Right-click on the Allowed Websites filed and select Import List..

import whitelist

  1. Choose your file with websites.
  2. Apply your changes.

Now the software will block all websites and allow only websites specified on the Whitelist.

access to a website is denied

Note! If the Only allow the websites listed above checkbox is not selected, then the whitelist works as the list of exceptions. Allowed Websites (Exceptions) enable you to allow websites that would be normally blocked. For example, you can block all shopping sites, and allow Ebay as an exception.

HT Employee Monitor and HT Parental Controls allow switching between Whitelist and Blacklist modes, so you can either block all websites except a few or block only certain websites. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and has several levels of protection. Password protection is also available.

Our software provides you with a variety of possible ways for controlling your computer:

  • Block all websites except whitelisted in all common browsers - Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.
  • Block access to unwanted websites and other internet services
  • Block access to unwanted games and applications
  • Record computer activities - visited websites, launched programs, computer activities, etc.
  • Limit time on certain websites

Test the program yourself to be sure that our Whitelist perfectly handles the task and that your users cannot bypass it. Please test all program features with 15-day free trial versions.