How to Temporarily Block Websites

Read how to temporarily block websites, block websites during certain hours, make a schedule for time-wasting websites, limit time on them, manage screen time, and much more with a few clicks. Instead of blocking websites completely, many people want to block some websites temporarily—block websites for certain hours of the day and prevent time from being wasted in front of the screen in this way.

How To Block Websites During Certain Hours

HT Family Shield lets you filter Internet content, block how to block websites during certain times, get reports of all visited websites, and has lots of options to manage computer use.

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  1. Download HT Family Shield and install it on the computer you want to block websites at certain times.
  2. Open and log in.
  3. Click Website Limiting and add the websites you want to block temporarily.
  4. Set time limiting options and/or a make schedule for these websites.

how to block temporarily websites

Note! Choose Limit to block websites temporarily or choose Block to block websites completely.
Our unique feature allows you to block website categories during certain hours of the day or limit the time your kid spends on them—Online Games, Social Media, Video, etc.

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How to Block Apps During Certain Hours

The same you can do for apps—block certain apps during certain hours, make a schedule or block them completely.

  1. Click Application Blocking.
  2. Add apps to the list or select the App Categories.
  3. Make a schedule for limited apps or set time limits.

How to block app during certain hours

Note! You can block websites/apps during certain hours and limit the time your children spend on them simultaneously.

How to Immediately Stop Blocking

Open your online dashboard in a browser and click on the green field at the top. The program status will be changed to INACTIVE.

start-stop blocking

You don’t need to change your settings and can enable the filters any time you need in the same way.

HT Family Shield lets you block websites temporarily or completely, block websites during certain hours. It shows you reports of visited websites and much more.

With HT Family Shield, you can:

Block websites temporarily
Block websites completely
Block websites during certain times
Limit the time on specific websites
Block all websites except those whitelisted
Block websites by URLs, categories, or by keywords
Block or limit applications
Monitor websites and apps
Monitor apps and the time spent on the
Monitor the time spent on the computer
Block websites on all popular browsers—Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Try a 14-day free trial to test all the program features and benefits.


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