How to Block Websites Temporarily


Learn how to block websites temporarily or limit the time that users can spend on certain sites. Where does the time go? Why does it sometimes take a day to do something we thought would take an hour? The answer is simple. We are constantly distracted from the task at hand. The most time-wasting distractions are the things like social networks for example. According to statistics, these distractions affect people, on average, 7 times an hour. We do not suggest banning your favorite sites forever, but you can block websites temporarily at certain hours.

Instructions on How to Block Websites Temporarily

HT Facebook Blocker provides easy ways to block websites temporarily or completely. You can block any website with a few clicks. So you can block websites, set up a schedule, or limit time on certain websites. You can block websites by URL, by category, by keyword and even deleting keywords from search.

  1. Download and install HT Facebook Blocker.
  2. Click Facebook Blocking.
  3. Add the websites you want to block temporarily.

block websites temporarily

Note! HT Facebook Blocker allows you to block websites temporarily or completely. Choose Limit or Block opposite each site on the list to specify your preferences.
  1. Specify how much time users can spend on the Limited sites in Total Time Limit.

specify total time limit

HT Facebook Blocker is quite simple. You need only to add the websites that you do want to limit and confirm the amount of time you can spend on them per day or specify a schedule for when. The program has an option to completely block access to specific sites when you feel that it is necessary.

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How to Block Certain Websites at Certain Times

If you want to block certain websites at certain times, set the schedule.

Specify websites as described above and click Set Schedule.

Block Certain Websites at Certain Times

Click-and-drag in the times you wish on the opened window. Red means blocked and Green means allowed.

You can limit the amount of time that users can spend on certain websites and block certain websites at certain times, together or separately.

How to Immediately Stop Blocking

Open HT Facebook Blocker and click the Stop button. The Current Status will change to inactive.

stop blocking

You don't need to change your settings and can enable the filters by pressing the Start button.

HT Facebook Blocker lets you block websites temporarily or completely, and show you what websites were visited and how long you spent on each web page. So you can evaluate how you spend time on the computer and identify where you waste time.

stop blocking

With HT Facebook Blocker, You Can

Block websites temporarily
Block websites completely
Block websites at certain times
Limit websites by the amount of time
Block all websites or block all websites except a few
Block websites by URLs, categories or by keywords
Block applications
Monitor websites and the time spent on them
Monitor apps and the time spent on the
Monitor the time spent on the computer
All browsers are supported

If you are able to block what you consider to be unnecessary sites, you will be sure that the time you spend online is dedicated to more worthwhile sites. Block websites temporarily to avoid distractions, to stop wasting your valuable time, to stay focused on your goals and to free up time for personal life at the same time.

With HT Facebook Blocker, distractions are minimized, and any time-wasting ceases to be a problem. This self-control will serve you well in the future and help you achieve your goals.