HT Family Shield 6.6.3

Help your child safely connect to the digital world

  • Filter Internet Content
  • Track Computer Usage
  • Balance Games & Social Networks
  • Block Specific Sites and Apps
  • Control Screen Time

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Unique Parental Control Software

Defend your children against online threats with HT Family Shield.


Let children browse the Internet safely. Filter out dangerous, adult, or objectionable content.


Be in the know on how your child spends their time online. View detailed reports of all computer activities.


Establish healthy and positive online habits and set limits around their computer usage.

Stay Informed

Find out more about your child’s online interests and protect them from unsafe behavior.

Supervise Web Activity

Receive reports of all visited and blocked sites. Gain insight into your child’s online interests and block harmful or inappropriate content.

Supervise Apps

See how much time your child spends on each launched application, and block any apps you don’t want them to use.

Supervise Search Queries

Review all the words, terms, and phrases your child is searching online to find out more about their interests and protect them from unsafe behavior.

How to Use HT Family Shield

Install HT Family Shield on a child’s PC and control it from our web dashboard.

1. Install It on Your Child’s PC

Install the local agent on your child’s computer and connect with your online account or sign up for free.

2. Use Our Online Dashboard

The next step is to log in to your online dashboard from any device to set up your rules for computer use.

Set Limits for Computer Activities

Help your child maintain a balance between study and entertainment and establish healthy and positive online habits.

Set Website Blocker

Block access to any websites and keywords that you consider disruptive, harmful, or time-wasting for your children.

Manage Apps

Classify any installed app as Blocked (completely inaccessible) or Limited, according to various options.

Manage Screen Time

Control how long your child can spend on the computer using a time scheduler for screen time or limits on a per-day basis.

Limit Time Spent on Entertainment

Set daily time limits or a full-week schedule for specific sites and apps. Manage the amount of time your child spends on certain social media, games, messengers during the school week.

Block Unsuitable Content

Blocks access to websites matching any of the ten undesirable categories. Our extensive web filter blocks unsuitable content and pornography even in private browsing mode.

Be Sure Your Rules Are Not Bypassed

Our robust filter handles HTTPS sites and cannot be defeated by VPN and proxies. With this powerful protection, even parents of computer-aware children do not have to worry.

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HT Family Shield is a full-featured and highly configurable parental control software for Windows platforms that makes it easy for parents to protect their children online as well as to track and manage their activity, according to family values.

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