How to Use HT Parental Controls — A Quick Start Guide

Learn how to protect your children online in just a few minutes

Download HT Parental Controls and install it on your child’s computer or laptop with Windows OS from any account.

The installation is standard. HT Parental Controls begins monitoring activities automatically immediately upon installation. The program does not block any activity by default. Therefore you can configure the filters according to your preferences.

The app starts automatically every time the computer is turned on, working silently in the background, recording activities, and blocking them according to your settings.

You can configure Rules and view Reports remotely — read more.
HT Parental Controls Installation

With our internet filter, you can prevent your child from accessing inappropriate websites. Block the websites that belong to predefined categories such as porn, violence, drugs, etc.

  1. Click Rules > Website Blocking.
  2. Choose Block for the categories you want to block.
HT Parental Controls works even in private/incognito browsing mode.

The software includes options for blocking any sites and keywords (i.e., video, lingerie) that you want. If you want to block a website that does not belong to any of the listed categories, add it to the Blacklist.

  1. Go to Rules > Website Blocking.
  2. Click the Add button under the Blacklist.
  3. Add as many URLs or keywords as you want.
HT Parental Controls supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Brave.

With HT Parental Controls, you can block or set time limits for specific apps — games, messengers, browsers, etc.

  1. Go to Rules > App Blocking.
  2. Select a status Block or Limit for each app category that to want to restrict for your child.
  3. Or add specific apps you want to restrict to the Custom List — click Add, select the app on the list which appears, or click Browse and select its executable file installed on the computer.
  4. Configure Time Restrictions and Schedule for the limited apps.

You can block/limit the app your child has launched directly from Reports > Apps
The time limits are shared among all the limited apps.

HT Parental Controls lets you manage how long your child can spend on certain apps and websites. In this way, you can set time limits for websites you do not want to block completely (i.e., some social networks, games).

  1. Click Rule > Website Limits.
  2. Add sites to the list.
  3. Set time restrictions on the limited sites per hour or per day, and/or set the Schedule if needed.
Note: The time limits are shared among all the listed websites.

The Screen Time feature lets you set up specific hours in a day your children cannot use the computer or set up the total amount of time they can spend on it during a day or a week.

  1. Click Rules > Screen Time to specify when the computer can be used.
  2. Set up PC Usage Limits on how long the device can be used daily or weekly.
  3. Set up PC Usage Schedule — click and drag around the grid to specify the blocked periods.
  4. Choose Log out or Shut down to lock the computer when the time is up.

Regardless of how intricate and complex your restrictions are, they will not work if your smart child finds out how to stop the program from running. So please protect HT Parental Controls with these built-in options:

  1. Set up an access password — at the top right, click Menu > Set Password.
  2. Go to Rules > Enhanced Security.
  3. Turn on the Restrict Access to Task Manager toggle.

HT Parental Controls provides detailed reports of website and application usage, the time spent on the PC, search queries, screenshots, etc. With the reports, you can monitor how your child spends time online.

  1. Go to Reports and click the reports you want to view.
  2. Select date ranges for the report.

With the Remote Access feature, you can view Reports and configure Rules remotely from a different device on the same network. Configure the function to get remote access to all the filters and logs.

  1. Go to Settings > Remote Access.
  2. Click Turn on if it is disabled and remember the address on the tab.
  3. Access the address using a browser on any device on the same network. It can be your mobile phone or laptop.
Important! Your device and your child???s computer must be on the same network for remote access. If you want remote access from any place, please use our other program, HT Family Shield.

With HT Parental Controls, you can get all activity reports from the child’s computer directly to your email. To configure email reporting, do the following:

  1. Go to Rules > Email Reporting.
  2. Specify your email address and the time interval for the reports.

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