How To Block Minecraft on a Computer

HT Family Shield allows you to block Minecraft games on your computer, schedule access to Minecraft, or limit time spent in this game a day. Manage Minecraft and other games as you want. Plain and simple.

How To Block Minecraft With HT Family Shield

  1. Download and install HT Family Shield on your child’s computer. Create an account for it.
  2. Open your browser and log in to your HT Family Shield online dashboard.
  3. Click Application Filter and click Add to select Minecraft.
  4. Add Minecraft to the list and choose its status—Block or Limit.
Block is to forbid an app on the computer completely.
Limit is to restrict Minecraft according to your time settings—Schedule and Time Restrictions.
Note! You can access your online account from anywhere you can get to the Internet.

How To Block All Game Apps on a Computer

With HT Family Shield, your can block/limit most of the game apps on your computer with a click:

Select the appropriate status for Games on the App Categories list.
Note! If you choose Limit, set up the time restrictions.

How To Block Browser/Website Games

Since Minecraft is an app installed on a computer, you need to block it as an app. However, other games can use a website interface. To block them, use the Website Blocking / Website Limiting tabs.

  1. Click Website Blocking and select the Game category to block most game websites
  2. Or add specific game sites to the Blacklist.

To Limit Browser Games:

Click Website Limiting, add games’ URL to the list, and set up time recitation settings if you want to limit access to specific games, not blocking them completely.

Try HT Family Shield to solve such problems:

PROBLEM: Minecraft is not letting my child sleep normally.

PROBLEM: Minecraft is distracting my child from the study.

PROBLEM: I want my child to have a rest from Minecraft.

SOLUTION: Block Minecraft on all these browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Brave. Or limit Minecraft together with other games to keep your child’s play safe and positive. Download a free trial to test all the program features.

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