How to Block TikTok, Instagram, and Other Social Media on Your PC

Read how to block TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, other social media, and sites on your windows PC with a few clicks. Unlike blocking TikTok using an expensive router, losing a lot of time with its "easy" interface, and finding that your children can bypass such blocking, we offer you to reliably block TikTok with a few clicks with our parental controls software—HT Family Shield.

  1. Download HT Family Shield—click to download and install it on your child’s computer. Create an account.
  2. Open on your browser and log in. You can do it from anywhere, even far away from home.
  3. Click Website Limiting and add TikTok to the list.

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How to Block TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Other Social Media Sites Altogether

To block TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and other social media sites altogether, simply choose "Block" for relevant categories.

How to Limit TikTok Time for Kids

You can choose "Block TikTok" or "Limit TikTok". "Block TikTok" to block it entirely on the computer. "Limit TikTok" to restrict it according to your time limits options–the maximum time and schedule.

  1. Add TikTok to the list and choose Limit.
  2. Specify a schedule for limited sites and/or set daily/hourly/weekly time limits.
You can block or limit the time on games sites, videos, Youtube, Instagram, and any websites on the same tab.

HT Family Shield Offers Unique Features

HT Family Shield offers unique features that even the most expensive router or any other parental control software do not even have. With the app, you can:

Block / Limit Website Categories

Block / Limit App Categories

Schedule and Set Time Limits for Specific Sites and Apps

Get Detailed Reports on Sites and Apps

Get Reports of Search Queries and More

Controls Screen Time and Much More

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These are only a part of the program options to filter content and manage computer use. In addition, HT Family Shield is strongly protected against bypassing, and you can protect it even more with the Enhanced Security settings.

All you need to block TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and any other site and app, is to install HT Family Shield and make a couple of clicks.

Try a 15-day free trial to test all the features and benefits.

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